Semaine 4 – Je Peux Etre ce que Je Veux Etre




Je suis impressionnée par la citation “I can be what I will to be ” ; “Je peux être ce que je veux être”.

Qui est-ce que je veux être? Mais au préalable, qui suis-je aujourd’hui?blog_chat_lion

Cela fait longtemps que je me pose ces deux questions existentielles.

Je me regarde dans le miroir et j’y vois une image représentative de ce que j’appelle “Moi”.

“Moi”, je peux lblog_chat_miroire voir autour de moi, chez l’autre, chez celle/celui entrain de lire ce blog. “Moi”, je le vois chaque jour dans mon environnement : intérieur et extérieur de la maison, les gens que je croise, les pensées que je génère chaque micro-seconde.

L’autre jour j’ai mis de l’ordre dans ma garde-robe et j’y ai trouvé quelques vêtements fripés, usés, d’autres neufs et élégants. Même situation dans ma boîte à bijoux, dans les parterres de fleurs, dans la liste de mes connaissances. Et oui, la Vie est bien un hologramme.

Aujourd’hui je trie. Je me débarrasse de ce qui encombre mes armoires, mon jardin, mes listes de connaissances et à chaque fois je me sens légère et libérée. Mes pensées suivent ce mouvement de libération.

Qui je veux être ? Une femme qui vit l’exception ; une épouse, une mère, une grand-mère, un exemple d’exception dans un environnement exceptionnel. L’idée me réjouit le coeur, m’excite, m’incite à avancer dans la Vie.

Je vous souhaite une réflexion personnelle exceptionnelle,

Exceptionnellement vôtre,


Week 4 : I must grow to live, so I am living to grow. And you ?

Ok, this title might be slightly provocative. Here is why.

One day around year 2000, I ‘ve been hit by a terrible idea, a sort of « soundbite » as Tom Big Al Schreiter would probably call it : « Everybody has the same choice : either to finish some day as a crippled oldster in an alms-house, or take care of their health before it’s too late. » Gulps !

The boldness of this phrase had for sure an impact on my subby at that time.

So then, what could I improve to avoid that « crippling effect » over time ?

Every living thing must grow otherwise it withers and dies.

Every living thing must grow otherwise it withers and dies.

Giving up smoking, eating less and choosing better quality food, decreasing meat and sugar and alcohol, drinking clean and pure water, breathing clean air, sleeping well, moving the body, staying in contact with nature, and it’s game over, I am now in perfect health until the last day of my life.

Really ? Maybe not yet !

Everybody knows that physical health and mental health are bounded like twin sisters, with the mental health being the dominant sister.

I also realized that another condition was very common to oldsters : being broke !

Hence the vision of a 120 year old man, crummy and broke ! Not very attractive, would you agree ?

So there I was, struggling with an incomplete life equation – searching for the best combination of two variables, physical health and mental health, not realizing that a third variable was missing.

Then came the 9/11 tragedy.

Three thousands human beings unconsciously sacrificing their life to allow millions of other human beings all around the globe to instantly raise their consciousness, litterally compelled to think a pathway out of duality, to stand the horror of the situation.

Like many others, this brought me to discover the missing third variable, spiritual health, and the presence of the soul, and that is why I am and will stay grateful until the end of times for these 3000 heroes.

All these souvenirs were awakened at once by the two first paragraphs of Haanel’s fourth part (« The « I » of you is not the physical body (…) The « I » cannot be the Mind (…) The real nature of this « I » is spiritual »)

One single letter, « I », the slimmest one of the alphabet, to be shared between the three variables of the equation of life : one variable fiercely competing for its control, another one complying and sometimes revolting, and the third one patiently allowing and connecting (I am sure you can match these three statements with the three variables 🙂

The Equation of Life has trhee variables : Body, Mind and Soul

The Equation of Life has trhee variables : Body, Mind and Soul

From this perspective, each time « I » improve one of the 3 variables without deteriorating the other two, or when « I » improve the connexions between the three variables, « I » AM GROWING.

In conclusion, let’s have some fun with a little quiz :

according to you, which of the following statements are true :

1. The two main obstacles to GROWTH are ignorance leading to bad habits, and fear.

2. Knowing that I am in unity with Omnipotence (Haanel, 4/23), I could choose NOT to grow (even if that would be rather stupid)

3. When I grow, the Universe grows (clue : Haanel , 4/7)

4. He (me) is a schizophrenic guy who is constantly grinding his mind with useless metaphysical questions

Solution : whatever your answers are, you are right ! Indeed, as Henry Ford said, « whether you believe it’s true or not, in both cases you are right »

Feel Good,


Week 3 – To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question

For most of us, future Masters of the Keys, one challenge is currently to find the two supplementary daily hours to perform all the readings and exercises.

As I could not grab some more time on the television (I already got rid of my TV – better named EIR for « Electronic Income Reducer » – a long time ago), I personally solved this by advancing my morning alarm clock.

And this has created a new interesting « subby training » situation, which combines the « do it know » and the « I always keep my promises » mantras.

The daily "Get up" experience: we behave in there as we behave in life

The daily “Get up” experience: we behave in there as we behave in life

So, imagine you are quietly sleeping under a warm, soft and cosy duvet, your dream is bringing you in your paradise island, and your spouse -or the Prince or Princess sharing your bed and dreams – is profoundly breezing next to you.

Early morning, you hear a nice music gently inviting you to quit this perfect environment.

At this stage, if you are like most people (I surely am), you then pull your arm out of the cocoon, to stop the music.

And from now on, you know that you only have a fixed amount of minutes before the music comes back.

For me, it’s exactly nine minutes…and when they are exhausted, the training of my subby starts ! The goal is to resist all its tactics to keep me in bed. Let us just see two usual ones :

Temptation :« mmmmmhhhh ! Stay just 9 more minutes and you will be in perfect shape to start your day! »

Stratagem : you make a strong move which awakes your prince/princess, who then makes a deep and irresistible sigh while coiling up against you, and then fall asleep again ; now, you don’t move anymore because you don’t want to break this magic moment.

You see the idea ?

You know the affirmation : « A Burning Desire will easily make you jumping out of bed every morning. »

Unfortunately, the burning temperature of the desire must be damned high before a subby overtrained by years of practice to all of the above tactics gets fooled by such a simplistic strategy.

Hopefully, we also have the Blueprint builder and a Conscious Mind which knows exactly its role since Week 2 : the Guardian of the Gate.

The Blueprint Builder and the Guardian of the Gate combined with the Burning Desire allow us to conquer the Old Blueprint which has subdued our well-intentioned subby.

Here is the 3-step strategy my Guardian of the Gate has imagined to reprogram my well-intentioned subby  :

  1. knowledge is a pre-requisite for power : if I win the « get up now » battle, I am able to win any other battle; if I give up, even just once, I lose the battle, and I will then lose all the other battles. Knowing THIS is key to allow the next step ;
  2. when the 9 minutes are exhausted, I IMMEDIATELY go into action, dragging myself smoothly out of bed, and going straight to my first activity of the morning.
  3. During the action, I block any thought related to « staying in bed », and I focus instead on my Burning Desire.

This brings me back to the question : « to sleep or not to sleep ? » Answer : « Sleep before the music, don’t sleep after the music. »

I just noticed something right now : I still have 9 minutes spared for any new MKMMA exercise 🙂

Semaine 3 – Après 21 jours de Lecture du Premier Parchemin d’Og Mandino

Extrait de Og Mandino, 1er rouleau du “Plus Grand Vendeur du Monde” :

– “Aujourd’hui je cueillerai des grappes de sagesse à même les vignes les plus élancées et les plus abondantes du vignoble” ;

– “A présent, j’aspire à devenir le plus majestueux des oliviers” ;

– “Aujourd’hui je suis une femme nouvelle (un homme nouveau) possédant une vie nouvelle”.

Tout cela est bien inspirant et développe une nouvelle vision de ma vie. Cela se distille au goutte à goutte dans mon subconscient.
Hier soir, l’ouvrier qui dirige les travaux extérieurs de notre maison m’a dit “Françoise, votre maison, vous devez l’annoncer comme exceptionnelle car elle est dans un lieu exceptionnel”.

Je me suis demandée pourquoi ce mot “exceptionnel” résonnait tellement dans ma tête.

Jusqu’à il y a 1 mois, notre jardin se limitait à quelques mètres carrés de gazon ; aujourd’hui, suite aux travaux réalisés, nous avons un jardin de 40m de long. Nouvelle vision !

Elargir la vision

Elargir la vision

La vie est un hologramme. Chaque pièce du puzzle de la vie est représentative de l’être complet, de sa vision, de sa raison d’être. C’est bien d’observer chaque transformation.

Je choisis un domaine de la vie facile à transformer et les autres pièces du puzzle changeront par loi.

La question de ce jour, qu’est-ce que je décide de transformer ici et maintenant ?

Réponse : une nouvelle façon de développer la prospection.

Exceptionnellement vôtre,


Week 2 – Don’t You Love Brussels Sprouts?

I live in France since five years now, but I was born in Brussels, Belgium, and lived there for about half a century.

As Mark mentioned in the last MKMMA webcast, Brussels sprouts are a very special vegetable that not many people like, mainly because of its strong bitter taste, and also because of some unpleasant secondary effects if the body is not perfectly fit to digest it…

That vegetable grows at the end of the season and resists the strongest colds during winter, which means it surely has special qualities we could benefit from.


I Hate Brussels sprouts!

I Hate Brussels sprouts!

When I was a child, I was like any other normal child, I just hated it ! In front of a plate with Brussels sprouts, I would make a nasty face and even cry to show my disapproval to my inflexible parents. It was the same for my younger brother, and it was always war at home when Brussels sprouts were on the table.

Apparently, my parents won at last, since today, I love Brussels sprouts (providing they are prepared with a specific recipe, but that’s another story)

So what happened ? When and how did the switch between hating and loving occur ? I don’t have the slightest memory of this, and I certainly don’t want to go to and ask

an hypnotherapist « Could you help me remember when I started loving Brussels sprouts ? »

However, one thing I know is that there are some kind of food whose taste could be acquired by anyone.

In other words, anyone who doesn’t like the taste of a food product, could decide to train their palate to appreciate that product, and eventually end up loving it.


Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprout is one of these products, and other wellknown examples in France are olives, oysters or Burgundy snails.

To « acquire » the taste of a food product we don’t like, it is just necessary to repeatedly eat a little quantity of it with the conscious intention to like it. It is the repetition of the tasting experience combined with the intention which produces the result.

I clearly remember how I started liking olives. When I was a child, I could not chew and keep an olive in my mouth for more than 2 or 3 seconds, it was just too bitter for me.

But as olives were always on the table during the family gatherings, and because the adults were always encouraging me to « try again » and taste, I ended up accepting the taste of olives, and today I eat olives with great pleasure nearly every day.

Do you see some similarities between what works so well and so easily for the taste, and the process Og Mandino is inviting us to follow with the scrolls to create new habits ?

For me, it’s a no brainer, and it doubles my impatience to discover what are the new habits contained in scrolls 2 to 8.

Acquiring these habits will be a piece of cake or…of Brussels sprouts.

So if, while waiting the next scrolls, you want to train yourself by « acquiring » the taste of Brussels sprouts, just let me know, and I will be glad to give you my special recipe.

But I don’t recommand you invite some guests at home when you will have Brussels sprouts on the table.

Semaine 2 – Née Pour Gagner

Si j’ose crier sur tous les toits « I am born to WIN. Je suis née pour gagner » , il faut absolument montrer les résultats de ce mantra.

Qu'est-ce que tu crois ?

Qu’est-ce que tu crois ?

Alors quand j’ai entendu une petite voix intérieure me dire que finalement ce enseignement MKMMA était dur, difficile à concilier avec les nombreux déplacements, le peu de temps libre, la difficulté de la langue,…j’ai dit STOP à mon subconscient et je suis repartie d’un bon pied car « Je suis née pour gagner ».

Retravailler mon DMP précise et étend ma vision de la vie que je veux vraiment vivre.

Pratiquer avec discipline les PPN déplace certaines habitudes de comportement dans un registre de positivité et de non jugement.

J’observe que déjà de nouvelles personnes viennent à nous pour démarrer un partenariat d’affaire et que toutes sont de très belles personnes rayonnantes ayant un projet de vie.

Difficile de trouver de plus grandes preuves que suivre le MKMMA à la lettre, donne de réels résultats ! De toute façon j’ai eu raison de décider de continuer contre vents et marées.

Joie, Abondance, Amour, Passion, merci de faire partie de ma vie !

Joy, Abundance, Love, Passion, thank you to belong to my life !

Week 1 – Have you ever seen a pink olifant in real?

Please, don't think about a pink olifant.

Please, don’t think about a pink olifant.

Yet another personal development programme that will change my life forever ?

I don’t think so !

Actually, it’s going to be MUCH MORE than that : after reading the 45 first paragraphs of Haanel’s text, the Master Key System is clearly a foundation text that will change my life AND allow me to help many other people changing their life too. Isn’t this exciting ? To me, it is!

How do I know this for sure ? Well, I have an stainless steel proof : I just look at Davene and Mark.

This is exactly what they are doing right now.

Simply ask them how many people they trained to the MKS three years ago, how many people are involved in this six month adventure, and how many people they expect in the next session.

If you want to know what « exponential growth » really means, look at their numbers. Even those who are bad in maths will get it. Amazing !

Of course, if I want the MKS to change my life, I have to keep my scholarship. Which means, to make sure I have done all the readings and homeworks required during each week of the training.

It’s not that I would skip some of these readings or homeworks – I won’t, because I love doing every bit of it, eventhough it’s taking me about an hour and a half a day.

The point is, each time the idea that I missed sending out in due time one or another piece of homework required by the « dream-training team », I feel a drop of sweat slowly dripping along my right temple.

I am sure at this stage you are silently yelling at me (in direct from your mind) « stop thinking that, or it will happen to you for real ! », and of course, you are 100% right.

Now, everybody knows that telling someone NOT to think about something, for example a pink olifant, will surely cause the apparition of the image of a pink olifant in the mind of the person,

So, if I keep thinking long enough to a pink olifant, the Law should be that the pink olifant manifest itself in reality, right ?

In France, everybody says that people who fall into alcoholic coma see pink olifants, and unfortunately this happens regularly to many people.

But no one has ever seen a pink olifant in real yet, so why is this ?

If someone has an answer to this question, I’ll be glad to hear it 🙂

At this point, maybe you think that I am quite mad with my pink olifant story.

But actually, I am sure I am not, because I have just succeeded in replacing my irrational fear of loosing my scholarship by the image of a joyful, smiling and dancing pink olifant. Isn’t that nice?

Thus, if you see one of these days a pink olifant crossing your garden, you will know who is responsible for it…

Feel good,


Semaine 1 : Saut Quantique

MKMMA ! Pour moi c’est l’expérience consciente d’un saut quantique.

Le démarrage est exigeant. La partie la plus difficile pour moi est la discipline journalière des multiples lectures. Ma curiosité et l’envie de changement dans ma vie personnelle et professionnelle est telle que j’ai pris la décision de dépasser ce côté rebelle

Je suis curieuse de savoir ce qui va vraiment changer chez moi et autour de moi après 6 mois d’une telle expérience. La DMP que je lis plusieurs fois par jour et que j’ai accompagné de photos/images qui représentent ce que je veux accomplir, devenir, obtenir renforce ma croyance que j’aboutirai là où je l’ai décidé.

Autre expérience, la lecture du “Plus grand vendeur du Monde ” de Og Mandino. C’est une source d’inspiration qui dépasse l’entendement. A chaque page, je découvre une pièce du puzzle des secrets de la réussite.

Suite des expériences, la semaine prochaine.