Week 3 – To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question

For most of us, future Masters of the Keys, one challenge is currently to find the two supplementary daily hours to perform all the readings and exercises.

As I could not grab some more time on the television (I already got rid of my TV – better named EIR for « Electronic Income Reducer » – a long time ago), I personally solved this by advancing my morning alarm clock.

And this has created a new interesting « subby training » situation, which combines the « do it know » and the « I always keep my promises » mantras.

The daily "Get up" experience: we behave in there as we behave in life

The daily “Get up” experience: we behave in there as we behave in life

So, imagine you are quietly sleeping under a warm, soft and cosy duvet, your dream is bringing you in your paradise island, and your spouse -or the Prince or Princess sharing your bed and dreams – is profoundly breezing next to you.

Early morning, you hear a nice music gently inviting you to quit this perfect environment.

At this stage, if you are like most people (I surely am), you then pull your arm out of the cocoon, to stop the music.

And from now on, you know that you only have a fixed amount of minutes before the music comes back.

For me, it’s exactly nine minutes…and when they are exhausted, the training of my subby starts ! The goal is to resist all its tactics to keep me in bed. Let us just see two usual ones :

Temptation :« mmmmmhhhh ! Stay just 9 more minutes and you will be in perfect shape to start your day! »

Stratagem : you make a strong move which awakes your prince/princess, who then makes a deep and irresistible sigh while coiling up against you, and then fall asleep again ; now, you don’t move anymore because you don’t want to break this magic moment.

You see the idea ?

You know the affirmation : « A Burning Desire will easily make you jumping out of bed every morning. »

Unfortunately, the burning temperature of the desire must be damned high before a subby overtrained by years of practice to all of the above tactics gets fooled by such a simplistic strategy.

Hopefully, we also have the Blueprint builder and a Conscious Mind which knows exactly its role since Week 2 : the Guardian of the Gate.

The Blueprint Builder and the Guardian of the Gate combined with the Burning Desire allow us to conquer the Old Blueprint which has subdued our well-intentioned subby.

Here is the 3-step strategy my Guardian of the Gate has imagined to reprogram my well-intentioned subby  :

  1. knowledge is a pre-requisite for power : if I win the « get up now » battle, I am able to win any other battle; if I give up, even just once, I lose the battle, and I will then lose all the other battles. Knowing THIS is key to allow the next step ;
  2. when the 9 minutes are exhausted, I IMMEDIATELY go into action, dragging myself smoothly out of bed, and going straight to my first activity of the morning.
  3. During the action, I block any thought related to « staying in bed », and I focus instead on my Burning Desire.

This brings me back to the question : « to sleep or not to sleep ? » Answer : « Sleep before the music, don’t sleep after the music. »

I just noticed something right now : I still have 9 minutes spared for any new MKMMA exercise 🙂

5 thoughts on “Week 3 – To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question

  1. My subby has been working overtime to make sure I get plenty of rest…normally I do not hit the snooze on my alarm, however I have snoozed multiple times during the past 3 weeks. I’m confident that this will stop as the daily actions begin to mold my subby to my true desires.

  2. Ah! Snoozing more than once, that’s definitely something that helps me to raise the temperature of my burning desire! Thank you for your nice words, Davene.

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