Week 4 : I must grow to live, so I am living to grow. And you ?

Ok, this title might be slightly provocative. Here is why.

One day around year 2000, I ‘ve been hit by a terrible idea, a sort of « soundbite » as Tom Big Al Schreiter would probably call it : « Everybody has the same choice : either to finish some day as a crippled oldster in an alms-house, or take care of their health before it’s too late. » Gulps !

The boldness of this phrase had for sure an impact on my subby at that time.

So then, what could I improve to avoid that « crippling effect » over time ?

Every living thing must grow otherwise it withers and dies.

Every living thing must grow otherwise it withers and dies.

Giving up smoking, eating less and choosing better quality food, decreasing meat and sugar and alcohol, drinking clean and pure water, breathing clean air, sleeping well, moving the body, staying in contact with nature, and it’s game over, I am now in perfect health until the last day of my life.

Really ? Maybe not yet !

Everybody knows that physical health and mental health are bounded like twin sisters, with the mental health being the dominant sister.

I also realized that another condition was very common to oldsters : being broke !

Hence the vision of a 120 year old man, crummy and broke ! Not very attractive, would you agree ?

So there I was, struggling with an incomplete life equation – searching for the best combination of two variables, physical health and mental health, not realizing that a third variable was missing.

Then came the 9/11 tragedy.

Three thousands human beings unconsciously sacrificing their life to allow millions of other human beings all around the globe to instantly raise their consciousness, litterally compelled to think a pathway out of duality, to stand the horror of the situation.

Like many others, this brought me to discover the missing third variable, spiritual health, and the presence of the soul, and that is why I am and will stay grateful until the end of times for these 3000 heroes.

All these souvenirs were awakened at once by the two first paragraphs of Haanel’s fourth part (« The « I » of you is not the physical body (…) The « I » cannot be the Mind (…) The real nature of this « I » is spiritual »)

One single letter, « I », the slimmest one of the alphabet, to be shared between the three variables of the equation of life : one variable fiercely competing for its control, another one complying and sometimes revolting, and the third one patiently allowing and connecting (I am sure you can match these three statements with the three variables 🙂

The Equation of Life has trhee variables : Body, Mind and Soul

The Equation of Life has trhee variables : Body, Mind and Soul

From this perspective, each time « I » improve one of the 3 variables without deteriorating the other two, or when « I » improve the connexions between the three variables, « I » AM GROWING.

In conclusion, let’s have some fun with a little quiz :

according to you, which of the following statements are true :

1. The two main obstacles to GROWTH are ignorance leading to bad habits, and fear.

2. Knowing that I am in unity with Omnipotence (Haanel, 4/23), I could choose NOT to grow (even if that would be rather stupid)

3. When I grow, the Universe grows (clue : Haanel , 4/7)

4. He (me) is a schizophrenic guy who is constantly grinding his mind with useless metaphysical questions

Solution : whatever your answers are, you are right ! Indeed, as Henry Ford said, « whether you believe it’s true or not, in both cases you are right »

Feel Good,


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