Week 5 : shall I mute myself for a while ?


Week 5 webcast was great again, and my main « Aha » moment this time was the proposal of Mark to stop emitting « opinions », both by speech and by thought.

My first thought was : « wow, yes, of course ! That makes a lot of sense ! »

Indeed, I am already working hard since quite a while to suppress all ‘judgments’ from my words and thoughts (still a lot of work left !).

And opinions and judgments feel to me as two behaviors of the same family.

Opinions: No More

Opinions: No More!

Also, Some time ago I also found out that decreasing ‘attachment’ in all my behaviors was a very effective way to improve my character.

For example, a powerful exercise for me is to spot all situations where I am confusing ‘love’ with ‘attachment’.

If you haven’t tried this yet, just explore for a while the family and couple relationships, I wish you a lot of fun (really 🙂

That is why this direct link between «my attachments » and «my opinions » was a true revelation to me.

After that, my second thought was, « Gosh, now if I decide to suppress all opinions from my conversations, I won’t be left with much to say ! So, maybe I would be better to mute myself out ?»

Ok, muting myself is EASY to me, actually TOO easy !

Because that’s what I always prefered to do…before I started network marketing.

But now, I want to become a good networker.

And everybody knows that the first task of a good networker is to TALK TO PEOPLE.

So then, how could I combine all that ?

What I just found out by asking myself these questions EXCITED me to the HIGHEST LEVEL !

If I decide (and I DO decide!) to suppress opinions from my speech and thoughts during a conversation, this will help me to :

  • come closer and even achieve the 20-80 rule with the person I am talking to : I speak less than 20% and she speaks more than 80% of the time ;
  • be focussed on the person rather on myself and all MY ideas about what she could or should do instead, and bla, bla, bla ;
  • ask more questions (a better way to use my 20% without expressing opinions) ;
  • listen more and with more care.

Well, I know you knew that already.

So did I.

But NOW, don’t you agree that we have a COMPELLING REASON TO SUCCEED in applying it ?

I would like to have your opinion on this 🙂

(That’s ok, remember, Mark told us that we COULD emit an opinion IF and ONLY IF we were asked to do so, AND we were an expert in the field of concern.

So, obviously I asked, and you are an expert in « opinions » – either, because like me, you trained yourself to emit them at a high frequency, or because you trained yourself NOT to emit them anymore unless you are asked.)

Feel good,