Week 11 – Persistance against Resistance : The Ultimate Fight !

It is like in a classical movie, when the bad guy feels he is going to loose the fight.

He then try to regain the upper hand by trickery.

It’s now « win or die ». The hero is forced to play « all in » and to fight with all his guts.

In this little story, the « bad » is the Ego influenced by the old blueprint which resists, and the « good » is the Self which persists !

Looking for a good movie to illustrate this, my very first thought was for Clint Eastwood in « Unforgiven »

Clint Eastwood  in "Unforgiven" - We are always facing our shadow

Clint Eastwood in “Unforgiven” – We are always facing our shadow

Thinking why this title, which represents rather the opposite of my current belief about forgiveness, and except the fact that I love Clint Eastwood and western movies, I found out the reason :

the French translation of the title was « Impitoyable » which does not exactly means « Unforgiven » in French, but rather « Unforgiving » or « Merciless » or « Pitiless »

And this is exactly what the Self must be in his fight with the Ego/old blueprint : pitiless !

Now, his task is even harder than in the movie, because he cannot really kill the Ego/old blueprint. He must tame it, or educate it, or reshape it until it is aligned to serve the higher purposes of the Self, the Soul and the Spirit.

I came out to talk about this here, because the trickeries of my ego/old blueprint this week have been interesting.

Be assured that I won’t describe them with a lot of details. My intention is just to mark the point, and if it can help some of the readers to detect the forgeries of their own ego/old blueprint before they give up on this essential mkmma training, I will feel like I saved some lifes !

Let us just enumarate them here :

  • I have been traveling all week, with a lot of appointments for our MLM business, however, all late morning appointments went longer than scheduled, which brought me to skip the lunch readings of my DMP and Og’s scroll ;
  • on Wednesday, I lost one of my index cards, the one with the POA ; I found it today (Saturday) in the bottom of my travel bag ;
  • my index card with the services is full since last week, and I didn’t create space to prepare a new service this week.

Not very hard, do you think ?

Well, I have seen these kinds of drifting and their final result (ie. back to the starting point!) enough in my life to know that they must be treated right away. Pitilessly.

So my service for this week 11 will be for my Self, who has the power of Persistance (a DMP backed by a burning desire, an definite plan of action, a constant positive attitude, and a mastermind alliance).

My service will be to create my new service index card and to add four readings of my DMP, Og’s scroll and index cards in the coming 24 hours (ie. before the Sunday webcast).

Persistance always wins and I am impatient to go on with week 12 !

3 thoughts on “Week 11 – Persistance against Resistance : The Ultimate Fight !

  1. Great remind. The old blueprint will indeed use any little, tiny, loophole to stay alive. When I forget to do some of the assignments, I work harder doubling the forgot work, to teach my blueprint that there is no way out and that it is more simple to do it as requested. Pitilessly. Thanks Luc.

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