Week 16: Be Kind. Be Real.

Hello my friends ! Are you under massive attack of kindness this week?

Well yes, there is massive kindness around us, but the word ‘attack’ doesn’t feel very kind, does it?

So let say a massive emittance of kindness, which radiates its soft power like a mesmerizing perfume.

Mmmmmhhh, that’s good!

About Kindness, Children Know It All.

About Kindness, Children Know It All.

That is probably how it felt to me when I was a kid, but after a certain age, I forgot that feeling.

Let me explain.

When I was a little boy, I heard people saying all the time « Luc is a kind boy, ooooh, he’s so kind, etc. »

You see what I mean 🙂

Sometime after age 25, I started feeling a sort of embarrassment or faintness when I heard this from a friend – or even worth, from a stranger.

What was happening ?

I was looking at these « big guys », « red » characters, big heros who knew it all and were – according to my new believes of that time – very successful.

And then I started to operate a conscious and deliberate shift in my behavior. I wanted to look like these « big guys » and I didn’t want to look kind anymore.

I remember vividly a little episode when that shift operated in my mind.

It was in my first neighborhood, just after I got married : the street was too narrow for two cars, so when two drivers came face to face, one of them had to give way to the other. So when someone gave me the way, I used to thank them with my hand and a big smile.

Then my new conditioning told me one day : « don’t show your hand nor smile anymore, become a « real man », like one of these « big guys. »

It took me a while to suppress my natural impulsion to thank with my hand and smile when someone gave me the way.

And I felt bad!

And then, I kept this behavior and duplicated it in the other areas of my life.

I didn’t want to look kind anymore, because that was a sign of weakness I didn’t want to display.

Like it was said in the title of a best seller book in France : « Cease to be kind, become real. »

Meaning: people are kind just to please others, therefore they are not true to themselves.

Oh my God!

Hopefully, my soul never gave up.

It kept sending me bad feelings each time I suppressed my natural impulsion to be kind, in order to look « real » and « strong. »

So, some years ago, I decided to smile and salute again each time a driver would give me the way.

Responding to kindness with kindness is the minimum to stay sane, isn’t it?

But there is more, MUCH MORE : adding kindness in places where there is no sign of it.

Spreading the mesmerizing perfume of kindness everywhere.

This is what we are doing this week.

It’s great, because we are helping all those people who forced themselves to look as « big guys »…

Because, like me, they believed it was the right behavior…and they are secretly suffering since many years in their body and mind.

So continue to be kind, to be real, and to feel good, because that is freeing the people around you!

Feel Good!


2 thoughts on “Week 16: Be Kind. Be Real.

  1. Yes, we should always follow our feeling, be what we want to be. Sometime we need to be what we don’t want to be in order to know that this is not us. Thanks for this hero’s journey’s story ;-).

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