Week 16 – Spiral of Kindness / Spirale de gentillesse

I imagine a small ball of energy which is developing in space, who begins to vibrate as the energy is strong, who continues to develop itself into a spiral that grows, grows, grows, out of sight.

galaxieEveryone knows that the spiral is the origin of life and of the cosmos. The spiral is alive, vital and vitalizing by definition.

Movement of kindness that we see in others, as we report it in the forum of Mark J, reminds me a power of kindness spiral: vital, growing, vibrant, invigorating, energizing.

The more we note our experiences of kindness, the more we will increase the spiral and her vitality. This spiral of kindness will grow up to explosion and will form many little spirals of kindness that will in turn grow and develop on our planet and beyond.

So could become the world of our children, our grandchildren and all our descendants if we all become aware of the imminent importance of this movement.

Mark, thank you for this initiative, and this enthusiasm to create this spiral of universal love .


J’imagine une petite boule d’énergie qui se développe dans l’espace, qui commence à vibrer tant l’énergie est forte, qui se développe en une spirale qui grandit , grandit, grandit, à perte de vue.

Chacun sait que la spirale est à l’origine de la vie et du cosmos. La spirale est vivante, vivifiante et vitale, par définition.galaxie

Les marques de gentillesse que nous observons chez les autres, que nous relatons dans le forum de Mark J, me font penser à une spirale d’énergie de gentillesse : vitale, en croissance, vivante, vivifiante, énergisante.

Plus nous noterons nos expériences de gentillesse, plus nous agrandirons la spirale et sa vitalité. Cette spirale de gentillesse va croître jusqu’à explosion et formation de petites spirales de gentillesse qui vont à leur tour croître et se développer sur notre Planète et au delà.

Ainsi pourrait devenir le monde de nos enfants, de nos petits-enfants et de tous nos descendants si tous nous prenions conscience de l’importance imminente de ce mouvement.

Merci Mark pour cette initiative et cet enthousiasme à créer cette spirale d’amour universel.


5 thoughts on “Week 16 – Spiral of Kindness / Spirale de gentillesse

  1. A Red becoming Blue, surprising ;-). I’m kidding. I like very much the image you use in you post. It illustrate perfectly your message and this message gave me more understanding about the amazing things happening this week in my live, just because I payed attention to Kindness. Guys, if there is someone to follow in this live, it is that woman. Tanks for this wonderful post, Françoise.

  2. Bon Jour Luc, Thanks for likening this to a sprial. That is what this is, it continues and never stops once we set it into motion

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