Week 20 Luc – Hear Your Inner Devil and Laugh!

Last Sunday, during the monthly training of our MLM Business, a team was playing on the scene the habitual mental game that a prospect lives when exposed to the MLM concept for the first time.

One woman had the role of the prospect’s angel, and another played the prospect’s devil.

No need to detail the contents of the scene, which was great by the way.

My point here is about the feelings I had regarding the scene.

The devil was much more funny than the angel !

Each time the devil said something to its « victim », everybody laughed!

Also, its fork, its black suit, its two pointed ears and its long forked tail made it ridicule and funny at the same time.diable

Why were most people laughing when the devil was talking?

Probably because they recognized their own devil in it and – since they were in the training- they had to overcome these same « devil’s arguments » some time ago or they were on their way to overcome them now.

I got the social proof of this at the end of the training, when most guests (more than a dozen of them) had made their decision to join the business.

As Haanel says in 20-18 and 20-19, « Inspiration is from within. […] your business in life is to understand and command these invisible forces instead of letting them command and rule you. »

That turned my Sunday’s observation into a nice lesson for me (that’s why I am glad to share it with you:) )

When I detect the voice of my inner devil, each time I resist its « recommandations », I am progressing.

AND, later on, I will have fun too, remembering how ridicule the devil was, and how courageous and confident I had been.

Let’s do some simple math here to summarize : each time I surmount the temptations of my devil, I WIN :

  1. I have improved my current conditions
  2. I have done my business of commanding my « invisible forces »
  3. I have paved my future with more fun
  4. I have increased my self-confidence
  5. I have increased my skills and my value as an example for others

Thank you, Mr Devil, and long life to you !devil2

Feel Good,


Week 20 Françoise – A New Look

Twenty consecutive weeks of practicing MKMMA, daily readings, weekly blog, posts, exercises,  meditations, sharing.

A program of Life.

Everyone knows that any self-development program requires discipline, observation, a real desire to grow, and create new habits.

Here’s the story that I experienced this week and I want to share it.

Luc and I have been married for 36 years. This means that for 36 years we live together, we share our daily life .

Some days ago, during the lunch, I was sitting in front of Luc and I saw what I had never seen before ….

Mystery ….. his look was so soft, joyful, pure and tender ; is it the look of my husband and life’s companion for so long!


The busy life we ​​have led during many years, had never given me the time to watch the loved man I have in front of me.

This caused me a lot of questions. How is it possible that I ‘ve never noticed ? is it because Luc has changed so much as his eyes turned ? is it me with the mirror effect who have changed so much? …..

This is one component of the effect of 20 weeks MKMMA practice . Impressive isn’t it ?

Take the time to look at the eyes of the one in front of you. Who do you see?


Week 19 Luc – To Change the Form, Change the Polarity

While studying this 19th week’s Haanel chapter, I’ve been hit by the last words of 26 : « …if we wish to change the form of manifestation we must change the polarity. This is the principle of causation. »

That made me immediately think about what is currently going on with our planet Earth :

a change of polarity !

A DMP is like a Pole: we are attracted to it with an intensity depending on its importance.

Planet Earth is like a grain of dust in the cosmos; is there any doubt that the change of polarity of its poles will deeply affect us all?

After this thought, I was (and still am) only left with questions.

And also a mix of emotions like thrill, excitement, curiosity, but strangely enough, no trace of worry (I inspected my World Within very carefully before affirming this 🙂 )

What has planet Earth in mind with her current switch of polarity* ?

What is her intention ?

What forms of manifestations are going to change during and after this polarity switch ?

Will the mountains become giant crystals ?

Will the trees become animated (like in Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring ferry tale) ?

Or will the humans get a smaller mouth and bigger ears ?

Starving for an answer to these questions and many others that I did not reproduce here for the sake of brevity, I decided to turn them to my private line with God or the Universal Mind (ok, I will NOT try to explain what this « private line » is, it is not a red mobile phone or anything of that sort, so let’s say it is something of the same nature as my imagination).

So, here is what I received in return from that « sublime » source of inspiration :

 « Polarity is a powerful concept used throughout the Universe.

The regular changes of polarities in planet Earth* have induced the changes in the overall intelligence of the planet, which is directly connected to the levels of consciousness that each entity (mineral, plant, animal and human) can reach with its « brain ».

The form of the brain varies from one reign to another, but the principle remains the same, it is a transmitter-receiver capable of transforming information between various levels of consciousness.

The current change of polarity of Planet Earth has the goal to connect the collective human brain to the dimensions where Unity is the rule, thus the intention is to bring planet Earth and all what is attached and related to it (ie. all her « cells », of which we belong) to these Unity levels of consciousness.

The polarity switch is long at the scale of a human life, but still short enough to allow many of you to live it entirely in their current life time.

All of you are there for a reason : to sustain this polarity shift by sharing information about it and about Unity around you, provoking waves of information that will soon surround the whole planet.

There is not much more to say about this, except that Universal Love is the main source of power which makes this polarity shift and all its consequences possible.

The humans are the main target, because they must be strongly supported to escape the powerful attraction of Duality.

The struggle you can observe right now is the manifestation of the subversive attachment of man to the mechanism of emotion, which is specific to the dimension you have lived in so far.

But once this attachment will be suppressed, you will find the lightness and the easiness of evolving in a united environment. »

By the way, a DMP is also like a pole of a battery: increasing its voltage will give us more energy and make us to run faster toward its achievement

By the way, a DMP is also like a pole of a battery: increasing its “voltage” will give us more energy and make us run faster toward its achievement!

I am not sure I understand everything in there, but I have the feeling it could well be a nice base for a Georges Lucas Productions movie, what do you feel ?

According to your feedback, I will submit my scenario to Georges or not, so please let me know quickly 🙂

Feel Good,


*Here is some scientific information about the current situation of the polar switch: http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/news/earths-poles-long-overdue-reversal/

Week 19 Françoise – “I Am”: a New Way of Thinking

Rodin le penseurWho hears ” new” feels resistance.

Observation : Most people in our family, with the exception of our children are in total denial and non-recognition of our new professional situation. This lasts for 10 years, when me and Luc had decided to leave the path of routine in our respective jobs and start a business in Network Marketing.

Previously, I was a teacher and during family gatherings they often asked me about my job. Luc was director of his own company and he was asked about his turnover .

Change : One day we changed and people didn’t understand anymore, so they never talked about our business activities anymore either.

Resistance : people resist new ways of working that require a transformation in the way of thinking, living, talking, eating, surrounding themselves with positive people.

The society leads us today to be consumers rather than citizens respectful of the beings, of the nature, of any created thing.

Heart : It’s time for collaboration, joy, harmony. Network Marketing leads straight there.

The heart is the connecting link between people, between animals, between the vegetal world.

If we are separated from each other, disunited and some still do, it’s times to change.

Become like what we were created : generous, curious, connected, happy, in heart opening.

Abundance : Good Health, Inner Strength, Intuition can be part of our daily lives. Thus we live in abundance and inspire some people to do the same, who in turn inspire others.

The courage to differentiate ourselves is always rewarded.

Like the butterfly, show the path of Autonomy.







With Love and Light




“I Am” : Une Nouvelle Manière de Penser

Rodin le penseurQui dit “nouveau”dit résistance.
Observation: La plupart des personnes de notre famille, à l’exception de nos enfants, sont dans le déni total et la non reconnaissance de notre nouvelle situation professionnelle. Cela dure depuis 10 ans, moment où moi et Luc, avons décidé de quitter le chemin de routine de nos jobs respectifs et de démarrer un business en Marketing de Réseau.
Auparavant, j’étais professeur et lors des rencontres familiales on me demandait souvent des nouvelles de mon job. Luc était directeur de sa propre entreprise et on lui parlait de son chiffre d’affaire.

Changement : Un jour nous avons changé ; les gens ne nous ont plus compris et ne nous ont plus jamais parlé de nos activités professionnelles.

Résistance : Les gens résistent aux nouveaux modes de travail qui nécessitent une transformation dans la façon de penser, de vivre, de parler, de manger, de s’entourer de personnes positives.

La Société nous conduit aujourd’hui à être des consommateurs au lieu de citoyens respectueux des êtres, de la nature, de toute chose créée.

Coeur : Place à la collaboration, la joie, l’harmonie. Le Marketing de Réseau nous y mène tout droit.

Le coeur est le lien de connexion entre les êtres, entre les animaux, entre les éléments du monde végétal.
Si nous nous sommes séparés les uns des autres, désunis et certains continuent à le faire, place au changement.
Devenons comme on a été créé : généreux, curieux, reliés, joyeux, dans l’ouverture de coeur.

Abondance : La Bonne Santé, la Force Intérieure, l’Intuition peuvent faire partie de notre quotidien. C’est ainsi que nous vivons l’abondance et inspirons quelques personnes à nous imiter qui à leur tour inspirerons d’autres personnes.
Le courage de nous différencier est toujours récompensé.

Tel le papillon, montrons le chemin de l’Autonomie.


Amour et Lumière,


Week 18 Luc – “Panem et Circenses”

« Panem et Circenses » is a well known political slogan (meaning « Bread and Games ») characterizing the time of the Roman Empire, ruling Europe 2000 years ago.

It was not a walk in the park to be a gladiator during the Roman Empire.

It was not a walk in the park to be a “rock star” gladiator during the Roman Empire.

The idea was that, if the people got enough food on the table to nourrish their family and regular entertainment to feed their mind, they would be easy to rule and to manage.

I discovered the other day that I was still under the influence of this enslaving moto, along with most of my collegues citizen and also…my MLM fellow partners!

What ?

Are you kidding, Luc ?

Look, today we have soccer in Europe, football and baseball in the US, basket ball on both sides of the Atlantic, and similar popular sports in every single country in the world.

We even have sporadic planetary events such as the Olympic Games, in the winter or in the Summer.

These are the evidences for « the games. »

About the food, McDonald is on a good path to solve this part of the slogan too (ok, here I am kidding, but there is a real stuff called « codex alimentari » that is supposed to fix once and for all the food part of the equation ; it’s quite scarry when you start looking at what’s in it for people, so don’t waste your time looking at this, it’s much more important for the world that you remain positive and focussed on your dreams 🙂

I noticed that I too was under the influence of the « Panem et Circenses » slogan.

I saw it in my « World without » mirror, namely some partners in my MLM team.

This flash of consciousness surely was generated by this Haanel sentence (from 18, 25) which deeply impacted me: « The ability to produce is found to be the real source of wealth of the individual. »

My partners were reporting to me with passion the story of an MLM rock star who was invited at a last monthly training to which I could not attend.

While listening to them I thought, « Wow, they are really excited, but they do hardly one hundredth of what that rock star had done to be successful, so what’s the point of being excited ? »

Then I thought, « Mmmmhh, and when « I » go listen to MLM rock stars myself about how they did to create their success, how much of THAT do I do when I am back home ? Not much either. Ouch !»

So, this engrained formidable slogan have insidiously enslaved us to behave as spectators looking from the tribunes at the rock stars playing in the field.

Now that I’ve realized this, I can (and do) make a life changing decision: to leave the tribune and to play myself in the field.

Of course, at the beginning I will not be able to rival with the rock stars.

But no one forces me to start playing in the first league! I can start practicing my skills in lower divisions until I become better, and get more and more fun to be an actor rather than a simple spectator.

And there is something else : even when I will become a rock star, I will never have to risk my life at each game, like the Gladiators did during the Roman Empire!

Veni, Vidi, Vici !

Feel good,


Week 17HJ Françoise – Unlimited Vision / Vision illimitée

Interesting week of introspection.

Vision of life.

This week I read in a financial magazine the exciting and enterprising story of Elon Musk , 42, born in South Africa and now living in  Los Angeles, California.

You will be shaken as much as I ‘ve been, discovering this man. You can find him on Google.

This entrepreneur is maybe changing my vision of life but he is certainly changing the history of mankind.

After creating the online payment system PayPal acquired by ebay for a fortune, he created an electric sports car, and one of its latest innovations is the ” Grasshopper “, a low cost rocket with which he wants to conquer Mars. And he has already found the fuel for the return of the vehicle to Earth. He promises travels at a price of $ 500,000 per seat.

Elon Musk has always achieved what he has undertaken. He takes lesson from every failure, redesigns his plans and pursues his goal through.

His vision is unlimited as his imagination. The result will follow anyway. His determination is large and behind all these innovations, he pursues a goal, to make concrete sustainable development in the daily lives of human beings.

Back to me, with my vision for 2014. I am proud to have a clear vision and well defined plans to achieve each objective.

However, today I feel very small and I think that I placed impressive limits.

I ‘m locked in a cage yet the door is open.

I’m pointing my head out of the cage and see how the world of the great outdoors looks like. I’ll change my vision to the size of the world and I’ll come back to you before flying away.



Semaine intéressante d’introspection

Vision de la vie.

Cette semaine j’ai lu dans un magazine financier l’histoire passionnante et entreprenante de Elon Musk, 42 ans, né en Afrique du Sud et habitant aujourd’hui en Californie, à Los Angeles ; vous serez secoué autant que je l’ai été en découvrant cet homme. Vous pouvez le retrouver sur Google.

Cet entrepreneur est peut-être en train de changer ma vision de ma vie mais il est certainement en train de changer l’histoire de l’humanité.

Après avoir créé le système de paiement en ligne Paypal racheté par ebay pour une fortune, il crée une voiture électrique de sport ; une de ses dernières innovations c’est la “sauterelle” (grasshopper), une fusée « low cost » avec laquelle il veut conquérir Mars et il a déjà trouvé le carburant pour le retour de l’engin vers la Terre. Il promet des voyages au prix de 500 000$ la place.

Elon Musk a toujours réussi ce qu’il a entrepris. Il tire des leçons de chaque échec, remanie ses plans et poursuit son objectif jusqu’au bout.

Sa vision est illimitée ; son imagination aussi. Le résultat suivra de toute façon. Sa détermination est grande et derrière toutes ces innovations, il poursuit un but, rendre concret le développement durable dans la vie quotidienne des humains.

Je reviens vers moi, vers la vision de cette année 2014. Je suis fière d’avoir précisé cette vision, élaboré des plans pour atteindre chaque objectif.

Cependant, aujourd’hui je me sens toute petite et je me dis que je me suis placée des limites impressionnantes. Je me suis enfermée dans une cage dont pourtant la porte est ouverte.

Je vais commencer par sortir la tête hors de la cage et voir à quoi ressemble ce monde des grands espaces. Je changerai ma vision à la dimension du monde et je reviendrai vers vous avant de m’envoler.

Go !cage_oiseau


Week 17HJ Luc – “Where is the Beaf?”

Do you know why I am really happy to be in the mkmma experience?

Because it’s helping me to THINK and to go inside of a thing (like in the Battleship exercise).

Twice in a raw, I’ve been confronted to specific practices that do not serve our network marketing business, but which, in the same time, contain positive lessons for our own practice (Emerson’s law!)

The first practice is the well known « Incredible List of Contacts » that will bring you unprecedented success in your MLM business.

In MLM like in any other occupation, learning and practicing the right skills cannot be replaced by any miracle tool.

In MLM like in any other occupation, learning and practicing the right skills cannot be replaced by any miracle tool.

Of course, without selling, with zero effort and rejection free.

Why could this be? Here is why: « the successful person in MLM has a very big list of contacts, whereas all who fail have a very short list of contacts and they are afraid to call. » Aaaah, yes, I’ve got it, now I understand!

One thing which struck me is that the person who sent me the ad did it through…LinkedIn.

Why is she not using her magic List of Contacts tool???

I think I found out why. The reason is called « Mine the Minors » (the minors being MLM Reps in this instance.)

When I clicked the link in her ad, I first got a 2 minute Raa Raa Video (the same video could have been used for any product, eg. An Ice Cream with steroïds to build muscles not fat, or basket ball shoes with « magic ball » rubber in the insoles, or invisible patches transforming the body fat into sunscreen…)

Then, the surprise: to know more about the product, we have to provide our name and email, then click the button to the vault.

Now from hereon, there is no need to be a Battleship expert to guess what will probably happen next : if you click, your name and email would feed their database and you would become a new contact for their buyers!

Clever isn’t it ?

Here is a commercial ad where the advertiser wins with every single visitor, the buyer and the non-buyer.

That’s the positive lesson of this ad: do you believe we could do the same (positively) with our own list of contacts and prospection methods ? I am sure we can.

Next story.

Yesterday, I met a Rep of one of these new commercial Group Buyers cards, « increase your buying power & make savings » (translate : « suck the dealers even more »), « win money without selling anything » (ie. « get a nice fire in your fireplace, don’t care about the wood »)

Here too, I learn a positive lesson: while that Rep tried to recruit me, I was observing my reactions.

My sales filter was ON full power, and still I felt some perverse attraction for his stuff during a short time when he showed me on his iPhone the picture of a room full of people « who just joined. »

That’s why I took his brochure, and I am now Battleshipping it to find out what else I could take from it to apply positively in my own business.

I promise to share with you anything useful I would find out (I always keep my promises 🙂 )

Feel good,