Week 18 Luc – “Panem et Circenses”

« Panem et Circenses » is a well known political slogan (meaning « Bread and Games ») characterizing the time of the Roman Empire, ruling Europe 2000 years ago.

It was not a walk in the park to be a gladiator during the Roman Empire.

It was not a walk in the park to be a “rock star” gladiator during the Roman Empire.

The idea was that, if the people got enough food on the table to nourrish their family and regular entertainment to feed their mind, they would be easy to rule and to manage.

I discovered the other day that I was still under the influence of this enslaving moto, along with most of my collegues citizen and also…my MLM fellow partners!

What ?

Are you kidding, Luc ?

Look, today we have soccer in Europe, football and baseball in the US, basket ball on both sides of the Atlantic, and similar popular sports in every single country in the world.

We even have sporadic planetary events such as the Olympic Games, in the winter or in the Summer.

These are the evidences for « the games. »

About the food, McDonald is on a good path to solve this part of the slogan too (ok, here I am kidding, but there is a real stuff called « codex alimentari » that is supposed to fix once and for all the food part of the equation ; it’s quite scarry when you start looking at what’s in it for people, so don’t waste your time looking at this, it’s much more important for the world that you remain positive and focussed on your dreams 🙂

I noticed that I too was under the influence of the « Panem et Circenses » slogan.

I saw it in my « World without » mirror, namely some partners in my MLM team.

This flash of consciousness surely was generated by this Haanel sentence (from 18, 25) which deeply impacted me: « The ability to produce is found to be the real source of wealth of the individual. »

My partners were reporting to me with passion the story of an MLM rock star who was invited at a last monthly training to which I could not attend.

While listening to them I thought, « Wow, they are really excited, but they do hardly one hundredth of what that rock star had done to be successful, so what’s the point of being excited ? »

Then I thought, « Mmmmhh, and when « I » go listen to MLM rock stars myself about how they did to create their success, how much of THAT do I do when I am back home ? Not much either. Ouch !»

So, this engrained formidable slogan have insidiously enslaved us to behave as spectators looking from the tribunes at the rock stars playing in the field.

Now that I’ve realized this, I can (and do) make a life changing decision: to leave the tribune and to play myself in the field.

Of course, at the beginning I will not be able to rival with the rock stars.

But no one forces me to start playing in the first league! I can start practicing my skills in lower divisions until I become better, and get more and more fun to be an actor rather than a simple spectator.

And there is something else : even when I will become a rock star, I will never have to risk my life at each game, like the Gladiators did during the Roman Empire!

Veni, Vidi, Vici !

Feel good,


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