Week 20 Françoise – A New Look

Twenty consecutive weeks of practicing MKMMA, daily readings, weekly blog, posts, exercises,  meditations, sharing.

A program of Life.

Everyone knows that any self-development program requires discipline, observation, a real desire to grow, and create new habits.

Here’s the story that I experienced this week and I want to share it.

Luc and I have been married for 36 years. This means that for 36 years we live together, we share our daily life .

Some days ago, during the lunch, I was sitting in front of Luc and I saw what I had never seen before ….

Mystery ….. his look was so soft, joyful, pure and tender ; is it the look of my husband and life’s companion for so long!


The busy life we ​​have led during many years, had never given me the time to watch the loved man I have in front of me.

This caused me a lot of questions. How is it possible that I ‘ve never noticed ? is it because Luc has changed so much as his eyes turned ? is it me with the mirror effect who have changed so much? …..

This is one component of the effect of 20 weeks MKMMA practice . Impressive isn’t it ?

Take the time to look at the eyes of the one in front of you. Who do you see?


2 thoughts on “Week 20 Françoise – A New Look

  1. Our mind’s eye does change. All of a sudden one day we are sitting across from someone that we have know most of our lives and that mental “blink” happens. Who is this person across from me? Where have they been this whole time? This is an exciting moment….cherish your “blink” and what your mind’s eye is showing you.

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