Week 20 Luc – Hear Your Inner Devil and Laugh!

Last Sunday, during the monthly training of our MLM Business, a team was playing on the scene the habitual mental game that a prospect lives when exposed to the MLM concept for the first time.

One woman had the role of the prospect’s angel, and another played the prospect’s devil.

No need to detail the contents of the scene, which was great by the way.

My point here is about the feelings I had regarding the scene.

The devil was much more funny than the angel !

Each time the devil said something to its « victim », everybody laughed!

Also, its fork, its black suit, its two pointed ears and its long forked tail made it ridicule and funny at the same time.diable

Why were most people laughing when the devil was talking?

Probably because they recognized their own devil in it and – since they were in the training- they had to overcome these same « devil’s arguments » some time ago or they were on their way to overcome them now.

I got the social proof of this at the end of the training, when most guests (more than a dozen of them) had made their decision to join the business.

As Haanel says in 20-18 and 20-19, « Inspiration is from within. […] your business in life is to understand and command these invisible forces instead of letting them command and rule you. »

That turned my Sunday’s observation into a nice lesson for me (that’s why I am glad to share it with you:) )

When I detect the voice of my inner devil, each time I resist its « recommandations », I am progressing.

AND, later on, I will have fun too, remembering how ridicule the devil was, and how courageous and confident I had been.

Let’s do some simple math here to summarize : each time I surmount the temptations of my devil, I WIN :

  1. I have improved my current conditions
  2. I have done my business of commanding my « invisible forces »
  3. I have paved my future with more fun
  4. I have increased my self-confidence
  5. I have increased my skills and my value as an example for others

Thank you, Mr Devil, and long life to you !devil2

Feel Good,


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