Week 24 Françoise – 6 Months in MKMMA

The end of the 6 months of MKMMA is approaching, the last Sunday night session is approaching. I like to make the report of the transformation.

The weekly blog,

The new habits as the service I am committed to do every week

The commitment

Any date of achieving a goal that is writting on the agenda is maintained,

Each intention is planned, dated, done with a positive attitude and with faith, supported by a team of mentors.

Nothing is terrible if it is to succeed,

I can be what I will to be,

To transform my World Without I have to change my World Within

I am grateful for everything I have planted in me and around me during those last 6 months and which began to germinate.

Here in the south of France spring is coming, the nice weather is coming back, the first flowers in the garden begin to beautify the front of the house.

Isn’t  the world without a mirror of the word within?

A beautiful equation that makes me smile, thinking that everything I planted in me and has begun to germinate, also begins to bloom in me.










Thank you the life,




Semaine 24 – 6 mois de MKMMA

La fin des 6 mois de MKMMA approche ; le dernier module du dimanche soir approche. J’aime faire le bilan de la transformation.

Le Blog hebdomadaire,

Les nouvelles habitudes comme la tâche que je m’engage à faire chaque semaine,


Toute date de réalisation d’un objectif qui est notée à l’agenda est maintenue,

Chaque intention est planifiée, datée, exercée positivement et avec foi, soutenue par une équipe de mentors.

Rien n’est terrible à faire si c’est pour réussir,

Je peux être ce que je veux être,

Pour transformer mon Monde Extérieur je dois changer mon Monde Intérieur.

Je suis en gratitude pour tout ce que j’ai planté en moi et autour de moi ces derniers 6 mois et qui a commencé à germer.

Ici dans le sud de la France, le printemps est arrivé, le beau temps est revenu, les premières fleurs dans le jardin ont commencé à embellir le devant de la maison.
Le monde extérieur n’est-il pas le reflet du monde intérieur?
Une belle équation qui me fait sourire en pensant que tout ce que j’ai planté en moi et qui a commencé à germer, commence à fleurir aussi en moi.










Merci la vie,




Week 24 Luc – Show Me Your Left Hand!

Last Monday, I did the « non dominant hand writing » exercise we were taught during week 24 webcast.brainorg

My question was : « What is your biggest fear? »

I choosed that question because I heard during the webcast that our main purpose in life is directly connected to our biggest fear.

So my reasoning was simple : if I know for sure my biggest fear, I also know for sure my main purpose in life.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Of course yes, and … it works!

Let me briefly describe how I proceeded, since if it worked for me, it will also work for anybody.

So, I sat quietly at my working table, I took my personal notebook and my best fountain pen, I lit a candle (I like this ritual), wrote down my question « What is your biggest fear in life? », concentrated with my eyes closed for a few seconds, then I wrote with my « good hand » (the right one) the best answers I could imagine real for me – « fear of not being loved – fear of death – fear of authority – fear of being powerful beyond measure. »

Then I took my fountain pen in my left hand, and to my surprise, two words came instantly to my mind :  « eating badly »


My brain probably identified my wave of astonishment, because it sent immediately six more words :

« at the level of your thoughts »

Oh My God!

My astonishment turned immediately into a « AHA » moment, and I knew instantly that I had my answer, and that it was the right one.

Then came two more short sentences that I also wrote with my left hand:

« not being able to think by yourself » and « to be in a mental prison. »


Ok, respect!

I mean, respect for the person who first imagined this incredibly simple and powerful way to reach in an instant the deepest and most secret parts of our mind.

Of course, these sentences very accurately describe what has always been my biggest fear.

How do I know?

It is very simple : I just have to look at the decisions I made at all important steps of my life, and how I took these decisions.

It is crystal clear. Amazing. Blessing. Divine.

Let me tell you my friends : I am, you are, we are all God.

That’s surely why the expression « God Bless You » has transformed since long into « Bless You », even for the smallest event, like sneezing 🙂


Feel good,



Week 23 Françoise – The World Within & The World Without

There is no difference between the World Within and the World Without. None!

Since months, I am reading several times per day my DMP where is written the amount of money that I want to achieve and that I will reach on a specific date that I determined with Luc.

After thinking and observing my daily life, I thought : “‘I can get there faster and easier by changing my internal financial world.”


I sent a request to the Universe to meet the person who would be the best guide based on my request.

Today, I spent all the day with the person who guided me in my inner financial world .

The theme of the day was the transformation of my relationship with money by the opening to the infinite power of Abundance and Financial Freedom.

Wanting more money is choosing to grow and to go into a spiral of self-expansion . How ?

Through a spiritual awakening.

The world is changing and the new paradigm of the money is now part of the perfect money and spirituality union.

Nature is abundant, nothing is missing, everything is easy to reach and for free : plants, pretty flowers, animals, trees, air, earth, water. That’s what the nature offers us at any time, wherever we are, unconditionally. What a gift.

Today, I did the commitment to enter into the stream of life and to connect to the high unconditional love of life vibration.

Now, I put everything in place to offer my support and my life skills to every woman and man who is in demand to go out of the financial tunnel they are traversing.

My devise is “What I did, others can do it.”


For the best,



Le Monde Intérieur et le Monde Extérieur

Aucune différence n’existe entre le monde intérieur et le monde extérieur. Aucune !

Cela fait des mois que je lis plusieurs fois par jour ma MVP dans laquelle est écrit le montant d’argent que je veux atteindre et que j’atteindrai à une date que j’ai déterminé en accord avec Luc.
Après réflexion et observation de la vie quotidienne, je me suis dit :”‘ je peux y arriver plus vite et plus facilement en transformant mon monde financier intérieur”.

J’ai envoyé une demande à l’Univers pour rencontrer la personne qui serait le meilleur guide en fonction de ma demande.

Je reviens d’avoir passé une journée complète avec cette personne qui m’a guidé dans mon univers financier intérieur.


Le thème de la journée était de transformer ma relation à l’argent en m’ouvrant au courant infini de l’Abondance et à la Liberté Financière.

Désirer plus d’argent, c’est choisir de grandir et de rentrer dans une spirale d’expansion de soi. Comment ?

Par la voie de l’éveil spirituel.

Le monde change et le nouveau paradigme de l’argent s’inscrit aujourd’hui dans l’union parfaite de l’argent et de la spiritualité.

La Nature est abondante ; rien ne manque, tout est à notre portée et gratuit : les plantes, les jolies fleurs, les animaux, les arbres, l’air, la terre, l’eau. Voilà ce que nous offre la nature à tout moment, où que l’on soit, inconditionnellement. Quel cadeau.
Ce jour, j’ai pris l’engagement d’entrer dans le courant de la vie et de me connecter à cette haute vibration d’amour inconditionnel de la vie. Désormais, je mets tout en place pour offrir mon aide et mes compétences de vie à toutes les femmes et les hommes qui sont en demande pour sortir du tunnel financier qu’elles ou ils traversent.

Ma devise est “Ce que j’ai fait, les autres peuvent le faire”.

Pour le meilleur,


Week 23 Luc – To Be or Not To Be…Comfortable

There is a paradox.

The human being always strives to have a better life, individually and collectively, hence reaches better and better levels of comfort (well being, harmony with relations and environment, etc.).

The possibilities for the improvement of life are infinite.

But in order to progress TODAY toward that ideal state of absolute comfort, the human being must leave their latest state of comfort reached YESTERDAY.

"Life begins at the end of our comfort zone" Neal Donald Walsh

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone” Neal Donald Walsh

And so the paradox is, in order to be more comfortable, we must get used to be uncomfortable !

Then, once we get used to always go to a new state of discomfort, doesn’t it mean that we have created for ourselves a new habit, and this habit tends to create for us a new comfort zone?

It is like those people (I used to be one of these) who are living in a constant lack of something – food, heat, money, recognition, love, etc.

Their discomfort has become entirely habitual, it is an integral part of their personality, to the extent where all their relationships (family, friends, collegues, neighors, etc.) treat them accordingly, therefore unconsciously reinforcing them in their current state of comfort / discomfort.

Finally, is there a solution to this paradox ?

Let us see.

If I say « I am » and if I say « I am comfortable », notice the similarities between these two affirmations.

Indeed, whether I want it or not, « I am ». This is a metaphysical truth that cannot be denied.

And, I have the power to choose what I am.

The same for « I am comfortable ».

As seen above, whether I want it or not – or if you prefer, whether I really feel the comfort of my situation, or I am so familiar to be in discomfort that it has become my comfort zone – « I am comfortable. »

And also, I have the power to choose what « I am comfortable » is to be.

For example, I can decide that my comfort zone is made of permanent change and crazyness, bringing to a lot of fun, and permanent joy and love.

So, what is YOUR view of your own « I am comfortable » ?

Feel good,


Week 22A Luc – Spring Brainwashing

brainwashEverybody knows (at least in the MKMMA community) that our World Without is an exact reflexion of our World Within.

But although this is an absolute truth that suffers no exception, we sometimes come into situations where this truth is still hard to swallow.

It is one of these situations that I met yesterday and that I want to briefly tell you about.

Spring time has arrived since a few days in our place, and as in every other place in the world, spring is the best time for airing, cleaning and refreshing the house.

That is probably why, last Sunday,  Françoise and me, without any preconcert, we put the same action on our Service Card : to clean and to tidy up the 400 sq feet cellar in which we have accumulated all sorts of stuffs since many years.


Bad news: a messy image of my World Within! Godd news: my World Within will have improved once my cellar is clean and tidied up again!

The plan was simple : taking everything out of the cellar and lining the stuffs up in the backyard – hopefully out of view from the neighbours-, eliminate the useless objects, clean the other ones and put them back into the cellar.

In just two hours, the all surface of the backyard was full of stuffs emanating a diffusive smell of humidity and mold.

Chaos would look like an exquisite Japanese garden in comparison.

And now, I have in front of me an unexpected image of my World Within ! Gulps.

Thus, if this is an image of my World Within (or a part of it, after all, Françoise has contributed to this mess too :), then I clearly have some more inside cleaning to do.

But there is also a good news : if the cellar is now clear and clean, isn’t that also a reflexion of my (new) World Within ?!

Yepee ! My brain has been washed !

So from now on, as the Universe does not consider vacuum as an option, I am redoubling my vigilance about what I let in my World Within.

Hopefully I have MKMMA as a great way to help me selecting the right inputs.

Thank you Mark, Davene, Trish and the rest of the Dream Team to help us keeping our cellars ordered and clean 🙂

 Feel Good,


Week 22 Françoise – Present Tense and Future Tense

When I am reading the new scroll in ” The Greatest Salesman in the world of the World” – Og Mandino , the text is often written in the future.

ane-carotteToday I am annoyed to read the text in future tense. I feel that thing is going away from me as I am reading the thing, as I feel it, as I visualize it. It’s like a donkey who is walking with a carrot in front of his nose.

I use to transform each sentence, phrase, verb in the present tense and it changes completely the energy of the text, of the situation, of the feeling.

What does it change for my daily life?

A deep thinking. The visualizations that we use to do project us into the future. However, it is advisable to think, write, sing and feel in the present as if it is acquired.

Indeed, the energy is changing.

Let me tell you what happened to me a week ago.

I got a pain in the lower back that was so strong that every movement, it brought me back to my current reality. Nothing physical, just an energy blockage. Rereading this morning the following excerpt from the sixth scroll in ” the greatest salesman in the world” – Og Mandino , ” If I bring joy, enthusiasm, brightness and laughter to my customers they will react with joy, enthusiasm, brightness and laughter, and my weather will produce a harvest of sales and a granary of gold for me.”

I just realized that blocked energy in the lower back for a few days is also blocked in the other areas of my life since a few days. Amazing how life is working, The World Within and the World Without.

I am happy and grateful to focus on the present, on who I am today, on current assets, on the actions of today. Thank you for Life Abundance and Prosperity in which I already am.


To the best,



Quand je lis un nouveau parchemin dans le livre de Og mandino “Le plus Grand Vendeur du Monde”, le texte est souvent écrit au futur.

ane-carotteAujourd’hui cela me heurte de lire le texte au futur. J’ai l’impression que la chose s’éloigne de moi au fur et à mesure que je lis la chose, que je la ressens, que je la visualise. C’est comme un âne qui marche avec une carotte placé devant son nez.

Le fait de transformer chaque phrase, expression, verbe au temps présent, change complètement l’énergie du texte, de la situation, du ressenti.

Qu’est-ce que cela m’apporte comme transformation dans ma vie de tous les jours?

Une réflexion profonde. Les visualisations que l’on fait nous projettent dans le futur. Cependant, il est conseillé de penser, écrire, chanter, ressentir au présent comme si c’est acquis.

Effectivement, l’énergie change.

Laissez-moi vous raconter ce qui m’est arrivé depuis une semaine.

J’ai des douleurs dans le bas du dos qui sont si fortes qu’à chaque mouvement, elles me ramènent à ma réalité du moment. Rien de physique, juste un blocage d’énergie.

En relisant ce matin l’extrait suivant du 6ème parchemin dans “le plus grand vendeur du monde” – Og Mandino, “Si j’apporte la joie, l’enthousiasme, la lumière et le rire à mes clients, ils réagiront en étant joyeux, enthousiastes, lumineux et rayonnants ; et l’atmosphère que je crée rapporte une moisson de ventes et une abondance d’or”, je viens de réaliser que l’énergie bloquée dans le bas du dos depuis quelques jours était aussi bloquée dans les autres domaines de ma vie depuis quelques jours.

Incroyable comment fonctionne la vie, le monde intérieur et le monde extérieur.

Je suis heureuse et en gratitude de me concentrer sur le présent, sur qui je suis aujourd’hui, sur les avoirs actuels, sur les actions de ce jour.

Merci La Vie pour l’Abondance et la Prospérité dans lesquelles je vis déjà.


Pour le meilleur,


Week 22 Luc – The Universal Mind is Perfect

A few days ago, I decided to look an old movie, the Chariot of Fire.

chariots_of_fireThis great and true story contains many lessons that are in line with the Master Key System that we are studying since several months.

The Master Key System, although designed a century ago, is well adapted to today’s level of consciousness emerging in a critical mass of the Earth population (and we, in MKMMA, are all very fortunate to belong to that critical mass, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude 🙂

That level of consciousness is certainly required to make of planet Earth the place of heaven that it was supposed to be when created.

The moral values and the energy shared in the movie are also fitting that new level of consciousness : self-responsibility, strict respect of personal values and principles, respect of other’s values, commitment, discipline, courage, focus on tasks and goals, etc.

Also, the heroes acquire their knowledge for the purpose of self improvement with a collective goal in mind: something that will improve the status and the condition of the community.

Human condition is very well depicted through the two heroes who are competing and becoming the best of their kind for very different personal reasons.

And since these reasons for both of them are aligned with their respective PPN’s, the Universal Mind conspires to make them both triumph instead of beating each other.

The Universal Mind is perfect !

If you want to live a pleasant and instructive moment, or if you feel the need to reinforce your faith in your Unity with the Universal Mind, I recommend the Chariots of Fire.

And if you have not enough time available right now, give you at least the joy of its great movie sound track:


Feel Good,


Week 21 Françoise – Homework & Miracle

Twenty consecutive weeks to follow the MKMMA’s teaching with the daily readings, the weekly blog, the posts, the exercises, the meditations, the sharing.

enfant_devoirAs I like that my homeworks are made and delivered on time. I’m not sure that this commitment is till taught at school ; everything is changing.

I spent 20 years at school as a pupil and then as a studious student. After that, I spent 30 years at school as a strict and punctual teacher. Total : 50 years at school of homeworks done at date requested.

Difficult to change this habit of doing homeworks ! So, when Mark asks us to write posts on a topic that I do’nt like, I did it because I equate that to a duty.

Guilt, fear, unworthiness, anger and hurt feelings. These are the feelings I used to avoid. Today, Mark invites us to turn those feelings into tools for growth!

Let me tell you what happened to me.

Yesterday, I had a contact on my list names that I had to call by phone. I thought at the last video of Mark, I thought at his diagram with “the greatest miracle of transformation : use Guilt, Fear, Unworthiness, Anger and Hurt feelings as tools”. I did the call to the contact with facility and I had immediatly the appointment with the person.

Our commitment to get involved in the MKMMA with persistence and discipline pays off. We are beginning to reap what we are sowing for 5 months.

I continue this journey of personal transformation and I observe that life is a miracle.

Thank you the Life.





Be the miracle of your life.



Week 21 Luc – Life Means Growth

Finding these words, « life means growth », in Haanel, 21-16 instantly triggered in me the moto I put some time ago in front of my personal website.

The moto said : « We must grow to live, therefore we must live to grow. »plante

I remember that as soon as these words came into my mind for the first time, I could not resist writing them down on the spot.

But later on, and still today, I have to take a deep breath and make a serious thinking effort to put these words in their right order and understand what they really mean!

My current understanding is this : as life means growth, it means we should live to grow, ie. we should permanently stay focused on the things which allow us to grow, physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.

I like to play, so I thought I could tempt to anchor this idea in my subconscious mind while making some fun of it by just being creative and formulating it on various ways.

For example :

– To live is to grow, therefore to grow is to live. Do you agree ?

– If I grow then I am living a good life, and if I live my life fully then I am always growing.

– Anyone who does not grow is not really living.

– Everything which stops growing also stops living.

– Anyone who stops growing starts to die.

– We are surrounded by people who don’t seem to grow, we call them zombies.

– If we stop focusing on growth, we become zombies ourselves.

– Applying what we learn in MKMMA makes us growing, therefore it is essential to life.

Ok, I’ll stop here 🙂

If you are still reading, it’s either because you like to play also, or because you are courageous and compassionate.

That means in all cases that you are growing and that I have been honored by your attention, so for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Feel good,