Week 21 Françoise – Homework & Miracle

Twenty consecutive weeks to follow the MKMMA’s teaching with the daily readings, the weekly blog, the posts, the exercises, the meditations, the sharing.

enfant_devoirAs I like that my homeworks are made and delivered on time. I’m not sure that this commitment is till taught at school ; everything is changing.

I spent 20 years at school as a pupil and then as a studious student. After that, I spent 30 years at school as a strict and punctual teacher. Total : 50 years at school of homeworks done at date requested.

Difficult to change this habit of doing homeworks ! So, when Mark asks us to write posts on a topic that I do’nt like, I did it because I equate that to a duty.

Guilt, fear, unworthiness, anger and hurt feelings. These are the feelings I used to avoid. Today, Mark invites us to turn those feelings into tools for growth!

Let me tell you what happened to me.

Yesterday, I had a contact on my list names that I had to call by phone. I thought at the last video of Mark, I thought at his diagram with “the greatest miracle of transformation : use Guilt, Fear, Unworthiness, Anger and Hurt feelings as tools”. I did the call to the contact with facility and I had immediatly the appointment with the person.

Our commitment to get involved in the MKMMA with persistence and discipline pays off. We are beginning to reap what we are sowing for 5 months.

I continue this journey of personal transformation and I observe that life is a miracle.

Thank you the Life.





Be the miracle of your life.



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