Week 23 Luc – To Be or Not To Be…Comfortable

There is a paradox.

The human being always strives to have a better life, individually and collectively, hence reaches better and better levels of comfort (well being, harmony with relations and environment, etc.).

The possibilities for the improvement of life are infinite.

But in order to progress TODAY toward that ideal state of absolute comfort, the human being must leave their latest state of comfort reached YESTERDAY.

"Life begins at the end of our comfort zone" Neal Donald Walsh

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone” Neal Donald Walsh

And so the paradox is, in order to be more comfortable, we must get used to be uncomfortable !

Then, once we get used to always go to a new state of discomfort, doesn’t it mean that we have created for ourselves a new habit, and this habit tends to create for us a new comfort zone?

It is like those people (I used to be one of these) who are living in a constant lack of something – food, heat, money, recognition, love, etc.

Their discomfort has become entirely habitual, it is an integral part of their personality, to the extent where all their relationships (family, friends, collegues, neighors, etc.) treat them accordingly, therefore unconsciously reinforcing them in their current state of comfort / discomfort.

Finally, is there a solution to this paradox ?

Let us see.

If I say « I am » and if I say « I am comfortable », notice the similarities between these two affirmations.

Indeed, whether I want it or not, « I am ». This is a metaphysical truth that cannot be denied.

And, I have the power to choose what I am.

The same for « I am comfortable ».

As seen above, whether I want it or not – or if you prefer, whether I really feel the comfort of my situation, or I am so familiar to be in discomfort that it has become my comfort zone – « I am comfortable. »

And also, I have the power to choose what « I am comfortable » is to be.

For example, I can decide that my comfort zone is made of permanent change and crazyness, bringing to a lot of fun, and permanent joy and love.

So, what is YOUR view of your own « I am comfortable » ?

Feel good,


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