Week 26 – A Sense of Urgency

I am just discovering the sense of urgency.

Not that I never heard about it, it’s just that something in my blueprint clicked differently on it.

I am now applying the Franklin Makeover approach, looking for the sense of urgency all around me.

It’s easy in spring time to spot it with birds.

I am surrounded by them (a forrest begins at the end of my garden), and their quest for food is a perfect example, because their nest is built and the baby birds are tweeting (THEY don’t need a computer to do this 🙂 )

Last day, I observed the sense of urgency by its absence.

A new distributor in my network marketing organization had initially done an excellent job with one of her prospects, touching his heart desire.

In network marketing, the David Copperfield syndrom means the early and "unexplained" disparition of a prospect or a distributor.

In network marketing, the David Copperfield syndrom means the early and “unexplained” disparition of a prospect or a distributor.

But she failed to ask for his decision right away, and consequently her good prospect, who probably spoke with too much enthousiasm to one of his relatives, vanished forever.

It was litterally as if that person had disappeared from the surface of the earth.

If someone could convert this unskilled networker’s innate talent to make people disappearing from their reality into the show business domain, he would outclass David Copperfield from head and shoulders and become one of the richest persons on the planet.

Unfortunately, network marketing is not the showbiz arena, and that talent has no worth in there, except one: to leave us with an experience from which we can improve our skills for the next prospecting encounter.

I learned it from Mark Januszewski who shared something during a life MLM Q&A session which triggered my full attention.

Explaining how to efficiently coach new distributors, he said : « hurry up between two working sessions with them, slow down during each working session. »

This approach would decrease their exposure to these birds of ill omen sometimes called friends and relatives, while also decreasing their risk of feeling pressure from too much information stuffed in one single working session.

Applying this sound principle in the other areas of life would feel like this:

« Hurry up between two consecutive productive or life fulfilling activities, and slow down during these. »

For me, examples of life fulfilling activities are playing music, having a rich conversation with a friend, playing with my grand-children, walking, hiking or climbing in nature, etc.

Productive activities are also easy to spot in any business area.

In network marketing, examples are inviting new people, having a one-on-one or a follow-up meeting with a prospect, signing up a new distributor, building a list of names with him or her, etc.

The most exciting thing I just realized is that the sense of urgency drastically reduces unnecessary pressure and stress related to the achievement of goals.

Indeed, after an honest look, we observe that, for most of us, the total time required to achieve a goal is MUCH greater than the total time spent in all actions to achieve that goal, and only just above the total time elapsed between these same actions.

Say that a person with the sense of urgency takes two years to achieve a worthy goal (eg. to reach the top of a network marketing compensation plan).

And another person takes ten years to achieve that same goal.

God cherishes both persons equally and therefore gives them the same potential time to live their life.

Which of the two do you think have the best chances to live a purposeful life?

(Your answer)

Yes, I agree with you!

Feel Good,