2014 Week 9 – 45 Seconds…To Become a Better Operator

How do we operate the worksite of our life?

How do we operate the worksite of our life?

The Master Key System teaches us that all our circumstances in life are triggered in our subconscious mind.

Until we discover this fact, we operate our life like « junkies » : we are fully addict to all the behaviors and believes ingrained in our « subby »!

This is why most people are always successful in some areas of their life (eg. Health and family) and always fail in others (eg. Money, occupation).

A better way to operate our life is by consciously creating new demands (eg. having a new house, becoming a great musician) in our imagination, then by keeping our attention focused on them until the subconscious mind hears them and start working 24/7 to manifest them.

The best operators are repeating their demands daily outloud because the subconscious mind is 100% responsive to our voice charged with emotion !

2014 Week 8 – 45 Seconds…To Make The Right Choice


It happens for most of us : an external event triggers our ego – eg. A bank clerk is unpleasant with us – and we react roughly.

Everybody knows that this « stimulus-reaction » behavior is a vicious circle of negativity.

Most people also know that it is possible to break this by a conscious choice between the stimulus and the reaction – eg. Choosing to smile to the bank clerk rather than blaming him.

Now, in this better « stimulus – choice – response » behavior, what if we could also choose to change the stimulus ?

For example, let’s say I was addicted to eating sugar when emotionally challenged.

Now, I make the promise – that is a stimulus – to take an organic food supplement each time I’m in the kitchen for a sweet.

If I have trained my brain to always keep my promises, it’s game over : my sugar addiction is gone !

Isn’t this magical ?!

2014 Week 7 – 45 Seconds…To Clean Our Mind


The human brain has been conditioned to give more attention to the « negative » than to the « positive ».

At the beginning of humanity, this made sense because it was a question of survival.

But things have evolved, and in today’s world, this mind conditioning to negativity has become a main obstacle to our progress.

Every day, an average person has hundreds of negative thoughts. These are thoughts of frustration, guilt, anger, doubt, resentment or anything else that makes the person feel bad.

A very powerful tool in MKMMA helps us eliminating this conditioning to negativity : the Mental Diet.

It consists of observing our thoughts and replacing every negative one by a positive one.

The goal is to reach 7 consecutive days without any single negative thought.

Can you imagine the world when every person on the planet will think and behave posivitely 24/7 ?

Let’s do it !

2014 Week 6 – 45 Seconds…To Focus the Attention


Darren Hardy, CEO of Success Magazine, has interviewed many of the most successful people on the planet.

And he has demonstrated that the single most important success factor is the ability to keep our attention focused.

Indeed, today’s world offers an infinite number of ways to scatter the attention : TV, smart phones, Internet are formidable attention catchers.attention_1

So how can we strengthen our attention focus ?

Someone said « In order to bring a train back in its rails, we must first have a train and then we must have rails ! »

We thus need something tangible on which to focus our attention.

In MKMMA, the train is called a « Definite Major Purpose », and the rails are a specific Plan of Actions and a Mastermind Alliance.

Thank you for your attention.

2014 Week 5 – 45 seconds for…Unleashing Our Power


Every human being is powerful beyond measure and has the potential to change the world, and even more.

So then, why don’t we use most of this power for ourself and for the good of others ?

Because our power is blocked by millions of believes, mental programs inherited from our ancestors.

Then how to unblock this power ?

A very simple and efficient way is to create the habit of never expressing our opinion, whatsoever, neither verbally nor in thought. One exception would be if someone would ask for our opinion in our domain of expertise.

Never expressing an opinion requires some skills easy to learn, and the results are life transforming.

How to become powerful beyond measure ? By stopping once and for all to give or think an opinion.

2014 Week 4 – 45 seconds for…Learning How to Manifest


To manifest means to transform an idea imagined in the mind into a physical reality.

For example, the idea « I would love to spend two weeks in Hawaii » manifests into a real travel one year later.

The specific sequence of actions to manifest an idea is :

  1. think of the idea and play with it in your imagination
  2. write the idea on patper
  3. read it outloud while feeling its positive effects on ourself
  4. make the promise to realize it
  5. act on it

This process works 100% of the time providing that you have created the habit to always keep your promises.

The MKMMA training helps us to do this efficiently in just a few weeks.

And you ? What is your next great idea you would want to manifest ?



2014 Week 3 – 45 seconds for…Achieving Our Goals

Bruce Lee 1969 Definite Major Purpose

Bruce Lee 1969 Definite Major Purpose

Almost everybody likes to imagine their next vacations and spend time to plan them.

Almost nobody spend time to imagine and plan their life !

The reason is that most people don’t think about it. And when they do, they don’t know how to do it !

There is one way to imagine and plan our life which is infallible.

Our Principal Pivotal Needs motivate us and can inspire us to specific goals we are setting in our life.

Now, the real challenge is to achieve these goals. Everybody knows that good resolutions don’t work !

Hopefully in MKMMA we learn a scientific approach to state our goals on a certain way, so that their manifestation is 100% guaranteed ! It is named the Definite Major Purpose.

So if you always dreamed to master your life, and did’t know how to do it, now you have a way !


2014 Week 2 – 45 seconds for…Finding Our Deepest Needs


Our deepest psychological needs are directly connected to our heart and soul.

They are not always visible to us, but they have a great influence in all areas of our lives.

There are seven types of psychological needs :




True Health

Recognition of Creative Expression

Helping Others

Spiritual Growth

We call them « Personal Pivotal Needs » or PPNs.

Here is a simple method to find your PPNs:

write the 7 PPNs in a colon in the middle of a blank page.

Take a pencil in your non dominant hand.

Close your eyes for a few seconds and ask for guidance.

Then open your eyes, and immediately circle two of the seven PPNs.

Don’t think, don’t hesitate, let your hand do the job !

Congratulations ! You just found out what is nourishing your heart and soul.

2014 Week 1 – 45 seconds for Changing our Life !


Everybody knows that self help trainings and seminars don’t really work.

It’s because they are based on the false assumption that changing our actions will help us changing our results.

This is only true in theory, everybody knows that « good resolutions » don’t last for long.

The reason is that our actions are fully driven by our subconscious mind : all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs accumulated over time in our memories.

This is called our BLUEPRINT.

To change something permanently in our life, we must change our Blueprint.

This is not done at a snap of the fingers.

Changing our Blueprint requires time, effort and committment, as well as a method and good practice.

That’s what the MKMMA Experience is all about.

If we can change our Blueprint, all our actions are changing effortlessly and we may live the life of our dreams !