2014 Week 13 – 45 Seconds … To Improve Your Behaviors


Everybody knows that avoiding pain and looking for pleasure are two determining reasons for human behavior.

Based on this fact, there is a simple way called NARC (Neuro-Associative Reactive Conditioning) to improve our circumstances in life, creating more happiness and harmony.

Imagine a certain « bad » behavior, like not picking the phone to call new prospects or not reading your DMP daily, which prevents you to accomplish your goals.

With NARC, you decide to:

  • associate massive pain to the results of the « bad » behavior
  • create a new « good » behavior and associate massive pleasure to its outcome (eg. Having new customers, achieving DMP goals)
  • condition yourself to the new behavior until it becomes automatic.

If you are not satisfied with any circumstance in life, NARC can help you to replace the behaviors that generate it with better ones.

2014 Week 12 – 45 seconds…To Get What You Want

The Master Key System teaches us that there is a Universal mind which is Omipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient, and as every human being is part of it, he/she also possesses all of these attributes.

If you believe this, it means you already know and have all what you need to know and have to get anything you want in your life!

Becoming a great singer, a better father or a better mother, trekking in the Himalaya, living in the house of your dreams, or anything else should already be yours if you really wanted it.

And if you don’t have it yet, there is one and only one reason: you haven’t got so far enough courage and faith to get it.

So, in order to get what you want, you just have to raise your courage and your faith until you get it.

Is this something you believe you can do ?


Week 11 – 45 seconds…To Get Persistence


Most people believe that persistence is a trait of character, and that some people have it naturally and some others don’t.

But this is a false belief ! And « not quitting » is NOT persistence, it’s just « not quitting » !

The truth is that everyone may build up persistence in all areas of their life.

So then, what is persistence, really ?

It is a combination of 4 simple habits :

  1. writing a definite major purpose backed by a burning desire
  2. setting up a plan of action
  3. closing the mind to all forms of negativity
  4. creating a mastermind of like-minded people working in harmony.

In the MKMMA experience, we learn how to build these 4 habits easily.

And everybody quickly discover that with (real) persistence, any challenge can be overcome.

2014 Week 10 – 45 seconds…To Read With The Soul


Every Master Key student knows that our subconscious mind is fully responsive to our voice charged with emotion.

This is why daily outloud reading of the Definite Major Purpose, Og’s scrolls and the Blueprint Builder are so critical to our success.

The challenge is that the Old Blueprint resists by quickly transforming these daily readings into mechanical chores.

One way to counter this is to « read with the soul » !

Just before the reading, put your full attention on your body – feel all its parts from feet to head, then feel a beautiful energy entering your head from above, and penetrating your heart.

Once you feel a warm sensation in your heart, start reading outloud and let your voice freely following the intonations coming from inside, without interference of the mind.

Try it, you will love it !