2015 Week 17bis – 45 seconds…to Give Ourself Permission


How could we give ourself permission to access our true power, practically?

The first step is to accept the idea that we are more than just a personality, but we also are an individuality connected to the collective.

Until our personality becomes aware of the existence of our individuality, it exhausts itself trying to control our outward circumstances (the World without), blocking most of the power emanating from our individuality, literally strangling our spontaneity and natural talents.

The personality was programmed according to the rule once expressed by Earl Nightingale « we behave according to what we think the other people think about us ».

So, the next step in « giving ourself permission » is to stop our personality controling the virtual image it believes other people have of « us », and to educate it to behave according to the impulses of our individuality (intuitions, hints, spontaneous actions, etc.).

Aren’t you excited by this idea?

2015 Week 17 – 45 seconds…to Retrieve Our Power


A well-known story tells that the best way to catch a monkey is to put a banana into a jar with a thin neck.

The monkey takes the banana, but now he’s trapped with his hand in the jar and he has lost his power and his freedom all together…unless he let go of the banana !

That metaphor perfectly illustrates why many people are living a life of quite desperation rather than expressing their true and full potential : they are under control of their personality (ego/old blueprint) which maintains the belief that the personality is the only thing which exists and that it must be protected and perserved as it is.

And this belief IS the banana !

Letting go of the banana is giving oneself permission to let go of that belief : it set us free and allows us to liberate our full potential!

2015 Week 16 – 45 Seconds…To Always Be Successful


Most people have been trained to believe that “success” occurs when they have reached a definite goal.

For example when they win a competition or each time they get what they wanted.

However sticking to this belief is actually preventing them for achieving most of the things they come to desire in their life !

Here is how it works : suppose that they have a well defined goal in mind and a plan, but an unexpected obstacle occurs (so far, nothing unusual!)

Now, doubts and fear to not reach the goal come into their mind.

Finally, they fail to reach the goal and they believe that they don’t deserve success !

Truly successful people have a definite major purpose, or ideal, and feel happy to strive for it every day, day after day.

By doing this, they turn success into a daily state of mind which becomes the cause of their achievements rather than an effect of it.


2015 Week 15 – 45 Seconds…To Go from Personal to Individual


The difference between the Personal and the Individual in us is the difference between ‘below’ and ‘above’.

The Personal is our ‘little me’ and the Individual is our ‘Big I’.

The first is connected to the physical and is the expression of life, whereas the later is connected to the spiritual and is the source of life.

Both are intimately connected through the subconscious mind.

A mental Blueprint charged with all our memories, beliefs and programs has shaped our Personal from birth until today.

For most of us, the Personal ignores the existence of the Individual until the day it has accumulated so many troubles and sufferings in the daily life, that it triggers a massive action to change the Blueprint.

From there on, the quest of the Personal is to become a faithful servant of the Individual, and the Individual reveals its role of friendly and patient guide to the Personal.

That’s when our Hero’s Journey starts !

2014 Week 14 – 45 Seconds … To Replace “New Year” Resolutions


Everybody knows that New Year resolutions don’t last more than a few days.

The reason why they fail is because they are based on will power applied to new actions to do and old habits to suppress.

For example, in order to loose 10 kilos, I make the resolution to eat fresh fruits instead of jam and jelly, and to stop visiting the fridge between the meals.

But the will power has not a chance against a subconscious mind programmed since years to trigger the jam, the jelly and the fridge !

The solution is to raise your standard of living – eg. I am fit, weighting 70 kg or less – then to create the new habits required to reach that new standard.

Once you have trained your subconscious mind to create new habits on demand (and that’s exactly what we do in MKMMA) you get rid of the old habits and you become the deliberate creator of your life.