2015 Week 16 – 45 Seconds…To Always Be Successful


Most people have been trained to believe that “success” occurs when they have reached a definite goal.

For example when they win a competition or each time they get what they wanted.

However sticking to this belief is actually preventing them for achieving most of the things they come to desire in their life !

Here is how it works : suppose that they have a well defined goal in mind and a plan, but an unexpected obstacle occurs (so far, nothing unusual!)

Now, doubts and fear to not reach the goal come into their mind.

Finally, they fail to reach the goal and they believe that they don’t deserve success !

Truly successful people have a definite major purpose, or ideal, and feel happy to strive for it every day, day after day.

By doing this, they turn success into a daily state of mind which becomes the cause of their achievements rather than an effect of it.


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