2015 Week 17bis – 45 seconds…to Give Ourself Permission


How could we give ourself permission to access our true power, practically?

The first step is to accept the idea that we are more than just a personality, but we also are an individuality connected to the collective.

Until our personality becomes aware of the existence of our individuality, it exhausts itself trying to control our outward circumstances (the World without), blocking most of the power emanating from our individuality, literally strangling our spontaneity and natural talents.

The personality was programmed according to the rule once expressed by Earl Nightingale « we behave according to what we think the other people think about us ».

So, the next step in « giving ourself permission » is to stop our personality controling the virtual image it believes other people have of « us », and to educate it to behave according to the impulses of our individuality (intuitions, hints, spontaneous actions, etc.).

Aren’t you excited by this idea?

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