2014 Week 13 – 45 Seconds … To Improve Your Behaviors


Everybody knows that avoiding pain and looking for pleasure are two determining reasons for human behavior.

Based on this fact, there is a simple way called NARC (Neuro-Associative Reactive Conditioning) to improve our circumstances in life, creating more happiness and harmony.

Imagine a certain « bad » behavior, like not picking the phone to call new prospects or not reading your DMP daily, which prevents you to accomplish your goals.

With NARC, you decide to:

  • associate massive pain to the results of the « bad » behavior
  • create a new « good » behavior and associate massive pleasure to its outcome (eg. Having new customers, achieving DMP goals)
  • condition yourself to the new behavior until it becomes automatic.

If you are not satisfied with any circumstance in life, NARC can help you to replace the behaviors that generate it with better ones.