Press Release Luc

Times Magazine, Monday 8 February 2016

It is a priviledge to have a conversation with that unconventional individual. Not that he considers himself as exceptional on any aspect, but because he does not consider the traditional media in general as a reliable way to convey useful information, with the questionable exceptions of the weather forecast, the necrology and the crosswords. He does not watch television (you won’t find any tv set in his whole 4,500 square feet house), listen to radio or read newspapers, although he is perfectly aware of the important issues and (r)evolutions of our modern world.

Other unconventional character traits are a chronic mistrust of conformity; a high ability to follow his bliss, and an unprecedented capacity to stay in perfect health, which allows him to keep his real chronological age (61) unnoticed.

But what brought us in France for this interview is his late achievement in the employment area.

In less than three years, he and his wife Françoise helped ten thousand people to secure or to recover their main income stream and to live a balanced life.

They did that by sharing a network marketing opportunity in countries where this mode of commerce and product distribution had still a bad press in many people’s minds.

But things started to change for them and for the whole network marketing industry in their area from the day they met another couple living in Hawaii, veterans of the network marketing profession and worldwide renowned professional trainers. That was in May 2012.

Luc and Françoise decided to follow their training and their mentorship, and in less than two years, brought their main network marketing business to generate a multiple six figures annual income.

Since one and a half decade, Luc has developed a life style around the Five Pillars of Health, a powerful philosophy showing people how to keep a perfect balance between body, mind, family, society, and finances.

He thrives to share with many his experience of this life style, which brings ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.

For example, last year, it was for him the performance of two Michael Jackson’s songs on stage, in front of 1000 astonished people. These were his and her wife’s teammates in their network marketing business, his family, parents, children and grand children. They were all there to celebrate their just achieved « Royal Diamond » pin rank with their network marketing company.

The ceremony was going on has a classical network marketing convention, with a great positive ambiance, the usual motivational speaches and recognition sessions, until the final recognition of Luc and his wife Françoise. When they got on stage to receive their new Royal Diamond pin from the president of their company, a thunder of applauses and screams of joy covered the music for more than two minutes.

It happened again when another couple of Royal Diamonds who had help Luc and Françoise to achieve their new rank, passed them the « Royal Diamond Jacket », a symbolic cloth that only 60 people in the world had received since the creation of their company 41 years ago.

Then, when the crowd was quiet and everyone was seated again, Luc announced that he had a surprise for them, and that it would be his way to thank every single person in the public for their loyal and friendly support during his network marketing years, and also during the rest of his family life.

While he was leaving the stage, all the lights were switched off. The public became so quiet that each person in the room could have heard a bird flying above the roof. After a long minute, a giant screen in the back of the stage lit on and a soft musical introduction started to enchant the public, with on the screen the colored images of the beautiful mother nature. A handful of experts in the room immediately recognized it as a Michael Jackson ‘s composition.

But it was not a clone of Michael Jackson who next appeared on stage to sing the song, it was Luc, dressed with a white trouser and a black jacket with silver decorations. His daughter, who was in the front row, later reported, « I was completely mesmerized. I had my father in front of me, who I never heard singing a single note in my whole life, except « father jack » with my daughter – and I wouldn’t call that singing, really – singing with a clear and warm voice, in front of a 1000 people. It took me a few minutes after the end of his second song, in which he danced like Michael Jackson himself, and the thunder of applauses which followed, to realize what he had just done : proving by example to all of us – and to himself also, I know him well, it’s my father ! – that nothing is impossible, providing you can imagine it and believe in it. »

Another thing that most people are considering as impossible is to recover a healthy eye sight, eventhough you have been diagnosed with myopia at age 14 and have been weiring glasses for more than 45 years. That’s what Luc has achieved, relying on his own eyes only to drive his car safely with a perfect vision, day and night.

The message (only for those who like to hear it) is the same : providing you can clearly decide what you want to achieve, and believe that it is possible, you will achieve it.

Another dream became possible for Luc, an event that he called the « Annual Family Exotic Week », A FEW days of total immersion in the Five Pillars of Health, to develop the feeling and the desire for perfect balance and total harmony in the five pillars of health for him and his whole family.

Each year since 2014, the ‘A FEW’ event consists for Luc and Françoise of traveling with their whole family (currently 3 children with their spouses, and 8 grand children) once a year during one week in an exotic place, anywhere in the world. Luc and Françoise are using a little fraction of their abundant passive residual income from their network marketing activity to cover all expenses for everyone (their network marketing revenues went from 10K€/month to more than 30K€/month in less than a year – that was in 2014).

His son Olivier reports, « Not having to deal with the finances during a full week while taking advantage of all this beauty and comfort gives us an incredible feeling of freedom. We eat good and organic food, we swim, walk, golf or practice any other sport we like in a beautiful nature, we play and spend great time with our children, we share our vision of life, our dreams and our projects of contribution for a better world with our parents and siblings, it’s just amazing ! After such a week, we stay enthuse literally for monthes and we become a source of inspiration for a lot of people around us. »

(to be continued)

3 thoughts on “Press Release Luc

  1. Ah, Luc, so vividly you paint this life into being for you and all you love and anyone around who will just take a look here, my dear. Blessings of joy and peace upon your pathway to Increase. Such a pleasure to know you and Francoise will work this out together through MKMMA.

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