Week 11 – 45 seconds…To Get Persistence


Most people believe that persistence is a trait of character, and that some people have it naturally and some others don’t.

But this is a false belief ! And « not quitting » is NOT persistence, it’s just « not quitting » !

The truth is that everyone may build up persistence in all areas of their life.

So then, what is persistence, really ?

It is a combination of 4 simple habits :

  1. writing a definite major purpose backed by a burning desire
  2. setting up a plan of action
  3. closing the mind to all forms of negativity
  4. creating a mastermind of like-minded people working in harmony.

In the MKMMA experience, we learn how to build these 4 habits easily.

And everybody quickly discover that with (real) persistence, any challenge can be overcome.

2 thoughts on “Week 11 – 45 seconds…To Get Persistence

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