2015 Week 18 – 45 Seconds…To Be Happy


I heard the expression « moving the goal post for happiness » for the first time in week 18 of the MKMMA program, but I was aware of its meaning since I am 34.

One day, I got a flash vision of myself going through the milestones of my life : elementary school, high school, college, marriage, military service, job, family house, children (1st, 2d, 3d)…

And I felt a strange mixed feeling of uncompleteness and frustration that the accomplishement of my next milestone would again not bring me the full happiness I was longing for…

That vision triggered a powerful desire to change something in my way of life, but it took me 15 more years to discover the right alternative to « moving the goal post ».

And that is…happiness is in the NOW, and I AM ENOUGH!

Did I say enough?

To save many years of happiness, earnestly working the MKMMA training until week 18 and beyond…is a great strategy!

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