2015 Week 20 – 45 Seconds…To Think With the Heart


Did you know that the heart is surrounded by a neural network nearly as big as the brain (70%) ?

This has been proven as a scientific fact since more than 40 years!

It means literally that we can think with our heart as well as with our brain.

For example, when someone does not treat us well, our ego has a tendency to generate negative thoughts and emotions toward that person.

But if we switch our thinking from mind to heart, we become able to send love and light to that same person, as we know that she is suffering and is just a messenger to reflect our own points of improvements.

And for this, we are in gratitude.

Easier said than done?

Yes, until we learn how to « switch » our thoughts from mind to heart.

And all we need for this is practice, practice, practice!

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