Week 17 Luc – The Permission

Everybody knows the statement « To change the World, change Yourself. »

And this is probably one of the most intriguing question for most people : « How could I do this ?! »

For most people the World is what it is, and one must adapt or die.

But, as you know, the reality is reversed : we adapt or the World dies. Strange isn’t it ?

This is because the World Within is the only driving force that exists.

The World Without, or « the World » as one calls it, is but a pale representation of the infinite potential that lies inside of each human being.

Therefore, supposing that each human being, from now on, concentrates on just one of his/her inner greatest qualities with enough intensity as to make it visible and perceptible by the other people.

He/she then starts to radiate that quality around him/her.

Let say that quality is Kindness.Permission

Of course, it could also be Joy, Happiness, Health, Wealth, Vision, Focus, or any of the virtues on the Franklin Makeover index card.

Like in a ripple effect, other people are then touched by this wave of Kindness and start to manifest it too.

They also create in them a sort of relief of the tension with respect to Kindness, which liberates some energy allowing them to now better concentrate on one of their own best qualities – let say Joy.

They start to radiate Joy around them with increasing intensity, creating more relief, touching and allowing more people to free themselves…

It’s easy to see that just a few people are enough to initiate a large movement, starting to send waves of Kindness, Joy, Happiness, Wealth, Health, Love, etc. around them.

This will spread in waves, like concentric circles which take birth at more and more places simultaneously, because there is a key thing :

thoughts and thought forms are not limited by time and space,
and therefore can spread simultaneously everywhere on the planet
and in the entire universe.

Our role, in this transformation of our World Without –  « the World » which has been collectively built by the collective thought forms perpetuated by Humanity – is to create a transmutation point of all the inadequacies which surround us, and thus which are in our World Within.

We are able to transform these inadequacies into new, more appropriate thoughts, then things, that will bring the whole humanity and the planet Earth to Unity, which is the true nature of the Universe, and the mode of thinking of the Universal Mind.

The beauty of this mechanism is that each individual has the full potential to trigger it, not in his hands but in his mind and soul !

And that potential needs only one thing, one single little but infinitely powerful thing, to be fully unleashed and expressed : our Permission.

Feel Good,


Week 17 Françoise – A Story

Some progressive patterns of my life:

Home, work, home, children, husband, parents, friends, holidays, sport….

I am trapped,  going round in a circle:


Suddenly, a breach:  story3

Three choices:


Everything breaksstory4

The circle becomes a spiralstory5


Openness to life that leads to the increasing transformation. In this case, it is impossible to turn back to close the circle and live again in a closed cycle of life.

I made the choice to live happy and healthy,


Believe in Life; there is always a solution.


Week 16 – Spiral of Kindness / Spirale de gentillesse

I imagine a small ball of energy which is developing in space, who begins to vibrate as the energy is strong, who continues to develop itself into a spiral that grows, grows, grows, out of sight.

galaxieEveryone knows that the spiral is the origin of life and of the cosmos. The spiral is alive, vital and vitalizing by definition.

Movement of kindness that we see in others, as we report it in the forum of Mark J, reminds me a power of kindness spiral: vital, growing, vibrant, invigorating, energizing.

The more we note our experiences of kindness, the more we will increase the spiral and her vitality. This spiral of kindness will grow up to explosion and will form many little spirals of kindness that will in turn grow and develop on our planet and beyond.

So could become the world of our children, our grandchildren and all our descendants if we all become aware of the imminent importance of this movement.

Mark, thank you for this initiative, and this enthusiasm to create this spiral of universal love .


J’imagine une petite boule d’énergie qui se développe dans l’espace, qui commence à vibrer tant l’énergie est forte, qui se développe en une spirale qui grandit , grandit, grandit, à perte de vue.

Chacun sait que la spirale est à l’origine de la vie et du cosmos. La spirale est vivante, vivifiante et vitale, par définition.galaxie

Les marques de gentillesse que nous observons chez les autres, que nous relatons dans le forum de Mark J, me font penser à une spirale d’énergie de gentillesse : vitale, en croissance, vivante, vivifiante, énergisante.

Plus nous noterons nos expériences de gentillesse, plus nous agrandirons la spirale et sa vitalité. Cette spirale de gentillesse va croître jusqu’à explosion et formation de petites spirales de gentillesse qui vont à leur tour croître et se développer sur notre Planète et au delà.

Ainsi pourrait devenir le monde de nos enfants, de nos petits-enfants et de tous nos descendants si tous nous prenions conscience de l’importance imminente de ce mouvement.

Merci Mark pour cette initiative et cet enthousiasme à créer cette spirale d’amour universel.


Week 16: Be Kind. Be Real.

Hello my friends ! Are you under massive attack of kindness this week?

Well yes, there is massive kindness around us, but the word ‘attack’ doesn’t feel very kind, does it?

So let say a massive emittance of kindness, which radiates its soft power like a mesmerizing perfume.

Mmmmmhhh, that’s good!

About Kindness, Children Know It All.

About Kindness, Children Know It All.

That is probably how it felt to me when I was a kid, but after a certain age, I forgot that feeling.

Let me explain.

When I was a little boy, I heard people saying all the time « Luc is a kind boy, ooooh, he’s so kind, etc. »

You see what I mean 🙂

Sometime after age 25, I started feeling a sort of embarrassment or faintness when I heard this from a friend – or even worth, from a stranger.

What was happening ?

I was looking at these « big guys », « red » characters, big heros who knew it all and were – according to my new believes of that time – very successful.

And then I started to operate a conscious and deliberate shift in my behavior. I wanted to look like these « big guys » and I didn’t want to look kind anymore.

I remember vividly a little episode when that shift operated in my mind.

It was in my first neighborhood, just after I got married : the street was too narrow for two cars, so when two drivers came face to face, one of them had to give way to the other. So when someone gave me the way, I used to thank them with my hand and a big smile.

Then my new conditioning told me one day : « don’t show your hand nor smile anymore, become a « real man », like one of these « big guys. »

It took me a while to suppress my natural impulsion to thank with my hand and smile when someone gave me the way.

And I felt bad!

And then, I kept this behavior and duplicated it in the other areas of my life.

I didn’t want to look kind anymore, because that was a sign of weakness I didn’t want to display.

Like it was said in the title of a best seller book in France : « Cease to be kind, become real. »

Meaning: people are kind just to please others, therefore they are not true to themselves.

Oh my God!

Hopefully, my soul never gave up.

It kept sending me bad feelings each time I suppressed my natural impulsion to be kind, in order to look « real » and « strong. »

So, some years ago, I decided to smile and salute again each time a driver would give me the way.

Responding to kindness with kindness is the minimum to stay sane, isn’t it?

But there is more, MUCH MORE : adding kindness in places where there is no sign of it.

Spreading the mesmerizing perfume of kindness everywhere.

This is what we are doing this week.

It’s great, because we are helping all those people who forced themselves to look as « big guys »…

Because, like me, they believed it was the right behavior…and they are secretly suffering since many years in their body and mind.

So continue to be kind, to be real, and to feel good, because that is freeing the people around you!

Feel Good!


Week 15 : We Are Enough!

A few days ago, a new distributor – let’s call her Barbara – shared an experience that brought me a great insight.

Here is what happened.

While leading a « 10 minute coffee » with Barbara (for non-MLMers, this is a short friendly conversation with a prospect to discover their needs and wants), her prospect – say Sophie was her name – revealed to us that she would like to retrieve a nice circle of friends and relationships in her life.

Sophie was an artist and had recently divorced from a diplomat; she felt quite alone as she didn’t want to continue gathering with her old circle of relations, because she found the conversations futile and interestless.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, hamonious and happy.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, hamonious and happy.

She also expressed her desire to strengthen her financial situation.

We had thus a perfect case for an invitation to a business opportunity presentation, a Hero’s journey in gestation!

Unfortunately, during the 45 minute meeting, Sophie was not only showing an evident lack of interest, but she also raised multiple times her eyes to heaven, in front of her increasingly embarrassed friend.

Barbara didn’t sleep that night!

She felt so guilty to have brought her friend Sophie in this « terrible experience »!

The next morning, she nearly called Sophie to apologize, but fortunately she didn’t.

She had sufficient self awareness to realize that she was « not guilty » and that the behavior of Sophie was not of her concern.

Sophie’s desire for change was just not strong enough to surmount her prejudices against « an artist doing a sales business for a living.»

When Barbara told me about her « white night » experience, she said something that hit me: « I just realized how much a minor event like this and the behavior of a single person can deeply impact my emotional, bringing me to do unwanted actions, including to ruin in an instant my dearest project in life! » (I paraphrased here).

Looking « objectively » from outside, Barbara is on a good track – a strong purpose, a clear mind, specific goals, a plan to achieve them, and people around her to support her endeavor.

On the opposite, Sophie is suffering from solitude, and is desoriented and insecure in her current life.

Sophie’s unconsciously arrogant behavior had nearly destroyed the self confidence of Barbara, at the very moment Barbara was offering her a reliable solution to her discomforts.

Can you somehow relate to Barbara’s feelings during and just after that business opportunity meeting, and during the night which followed?

What if a dearest friend or an admired person would have with us the same behavior as Sophie with Barbara?

Well, a few months ago, I found a simple and powerful way to become absolutely unshakeable, immune, invincible against such « emotional attacks »!

That way is called « I am enough. »

I am enough because I have in myself all what I need to feel good and to live a good, purposeful life : I have and I find in myself, for myself and for the others, enough love, enough confidence, enough respect, enough trust, enough persistence and enough faith.

Now that we will soon be MKMMA veterans, we know that this is not just an assumption, this is a FACT. WE ARE ENOUGH.

But everybody knows that knowledge does not apply itself, so how are we going to engrain the knowledge of this fact in the subby?


Repeating « I am enough » enough times every day (eg. 25 or 50 times) and meditating on the insight of this affirmation will do the job sooner or later; it’s just a matter of patience and…persistence.

Feel good,


Week 15 : Best Wishes / Meilleurs Voeux

It is a tradition in Western countries to present our wishes to everyone we know, to each person we meet .

Voeux” 2014 has just begun, I wish you a Happy New Year, a good health and everything you want! ”

I am pleased to add : ” But really, I’m just curious to know what you want to see accomplished this year, what are your plans for this new year ? ”

Here, things get complicated because most people have heard this phrase of politeness that we serve up again between 1st and 31st January of each year and this sentence is worthless for most.

I get fun asking what’s the concrete wishes of the people, what they really want to materialize this year and most of the answers revolve around ” well, I do not know, maybe a nice holiday, a beautiful journey, that my children be happy, that I have a good health and get lots of money … ”

Going further, it can get interesting. “A beautiful journey but where ? when? With whom ? How ?why? ” Here I begin to tease the most!

Let’s start with “I wish you good health .” What would you improve in terms of your own health? ” Here, I am really annoying .

Few people actually know what they want to be, to do, to get for the new year. And to know what you really want is only the first step.

The real development is to specify why you want it, to plan, to believe with faith, to be surrounded by specific people who will help us get it.

A self development work leading to the burning desire, a self-fulfillment work, leading to get what you want, by law.

Here we are starting a hero’s journey with clear and specific targets with persistence and obsession goal.

Personally I set 5 personal goals to achieve in 2014.

Family goals, to live better, investment, financial and professional goals .

5 objectives and each objective is represented by one finger of the hand . Funny isn’t it !

Five fingers, five goals / Cinq doigts, cinq buts.

Five fingers, five goals / Cinq doigts, cinq buts.

Each finger of my hand representing one of the 5 goals. Easy !

20 to 30 times a day I look at my hand, I look at each finger, I repeat each goal and I reactivate each target .

Today, it is the 10th of January and 1 of the goal has already been reached .

I get help ? Yes, ” The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino is part of my daily mastermind .

You know what is in the 4th scroll.

“I have unlimited potential ”

“I can accomplish far more than I have, and I will ”

” I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand”

A key that can be the main key : ” I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose. And nature knows no defeat. She emerges victorious and so will I”

I present you my best wishes for this Very Nice and Great Year 2014 and as I ‘m just curious, what are the wishes that will activate your inner fire throughout the year and will help you getting up every morning?

For the best,


Il est de tradition dans les pays occidentaux de présenter ses voeux à chaque personne que l’on connaît, à chaque personne que l’on rencontre.

Voeux “2014 vient de commencer, je vous souhaite une Bonne et Heureuse Année, une bonne santé et tout ce que vous désirez ! ”

J’ai plaisir à ajouter : ” Mais au fait, je suis juste curieuse de savoir ce que vous désirez voir s’accomplir cette année ; quels sont vos projets pour cette nouvelle année?”

Ici les choses se compliquent parce que la plupart des gens ont appris cette phrase de politesse que l’on ressert entre le 1er et le 31 janvier de chaque année et cette phrase est sans valeur pour la plupart.

En m’amusant à demander les souhaits concrets des gens, ce qu’ils désirent vraiment concrétiser cette année, la plupart des réponses tourne autour de “et bien, je ne sais pas, peut-être de belles vacances, un beau voyage, que mes enfants soient heureux, que j’aie une bonne santé et beaucoup d’argent…”

Allons plus loin, cela peut devenir intéressant. “Un beau voyage où ? quand?avec qui?comment? pourquoi?” Ici je commence à agacer la plupart !

Recommençons avec “je vous souhaite une bonne santé”. Que souhaitez-vous améliorer sur le plan de votre santé personnelle?” Ici j’agace vraiment.

Peu de gens savent réellement ce qu’ils veulent devenir, faire, avoir de nouveau pour l’année nouvelle. Et savoir ce que l’on veut vraiment n’est que la 1ère étape.
Le véritable épanouissement est de préciser pourquoi on veut cela, de le planifier, d’y croire de façon absolue, de s’entourer de personnes bien précises qui vont nous aider à l’obtenir.

Tout un travail d’élaboration du désir brûlant menant à l’épanouissement de soi et à l’obtention de ce que l’on veut, par Loi.

Nous voilà en train de commencer un voyage du héros avec un but clair et précis à atteindre avec persévérance et obsession.

Personnellement je me suis fixé 5 objectifs personnels à atteindre en 2014.

Objectifs familiaux, de mieux vivre, d’investissement, financiers et professionnels.

5 objectifs et chaque objectif est représenté par 1 doigt de la main. Amusant n’est-ce pas !

Five fingers, five goals / Cinq doigts, cinq buts.

Five fingers, five goals / Cinq doigts, cinq buts.

Chaque doigt de ma main correspond à un des 5 objectifs. Facile ! 20 à 30 fois par jour je regarde ma main, je regarde chaque doigt, je me répète chaque objectif et je réactive les objectifs.

Nous sommes le 10 janvier et 1 des objectif est déjà atteint.

Me faire aider ? Oui, “Le plus grand vendeur du monde ” d’Og Mandino fait partie de mon mastermind quotidien.
Avez-vous lu le 4ème parchemin ?

” Je suis pourvu d’un potentiel illimité”

“Je peux accomplir plus que ce que j’ai réalisé jusqu’ici et je le ferai”

“Je suis ici pour croître aussi haut qu’une montagne et non pas de me faire tout petit comme un grain de sable”

Une clé qui peut être LA clé : “J’ai été conçue avec amour et je suis venue au monde avec un but bien précis…la nature ne connaît pas la défaite. Elle finit toujours par sortir victorieuse et je fais de même.”

Je vous présente mes meilleurs voeux pour cette Très Belle et Grande Année 2014 et comme je suis curieuse, quels sont les voeux qui vont activer votre feu intérieur tout au long de l’année et qui vous feront lever chaque matin ?

Pour le meilleur,


Week 14 – A Look / Un Regard

To prepare for 2014 , I watched the movie ” October Sky .”

Winning Against All Odds

Winning Against All Odds

Remarkable !

There I found all the elements of the Hero’s Journey. Long-term vision to obsession , persistence, experience, learning from failures, permanent actions, enthusiasm, never give up, beliefs, support, mentors, and Decision quest.

The Decision to win of Homer, the young hero of the film, could be seen in his eyes.

Everything is in his eyes, his attitude, his persistence, his boundless enthusiasm.

The goal is clearly defined, the plan is built with permanent and progressive experiences, help is available, he has no doubt.

I also want that any decision to transform various areas of my life could be read in my look, illuminate my eyes and shine on my inner and outer worlds.

This is a promise I made to myself and to others.


Winner’s Look

This film led me to write my five main objectives of the 2014, to clarify, to plan, to find help and to unconditionally believe in their achievement.

I’m in gratitude to Mark and Davene and Luc who have put this movie on my way at the right time.

You are just born to win, it is a certainty. Think about it every second of your life.


For the best,



(Version en français)

Pour préparer 2014, j’ai regardé le film “Ciel d’Octobre”.

Remarquable !

Gagner envers et contre tout.

Gagner envers et contre tout.

J’y ai retrouvé tous les éléments du voyage du héros. Vision à long terme jusqu’à l’obsession, persévérance, expériences, apprentissage par ses échecs, actions permanentes, enthousiasme, ne jamais abandonner, croyances, soutien, mentors, quête et Décision.

La décision de réussite de Homer, le jeune héros du film, se lit dans ses yeux.

Tout est dans son regard, dans son attitude,  sa persévérance, son enthousiasme sans faille.

Le but est clairement défini, le plan est monté avec expériences permanentes et progressives, les aides sont accessibles, le doute n’existe pas.

Moi aussi je veux que toute décision prise pour transformer divers domaines de ma vie se lise dans mes yeux, illumine mon regard et rayonne sur mon monde intérieur et extérieur.

C’est une promesse que je fais à moi et aux autres.


Regard de Vainqueur

Regard de Vainqueur

Ce film m’a conduit à écrire mes 5 objectifs principaux de cette année 2014, de les clarifier, de les planifier, de trouver les aides et de croire inconditionnellement à leur réussite.

Je suis en gratitude vis-à-vis de Mark et Davene, et Luc, d’avoir mis ce film sur mon chemin de Vie au meilleur moment.

Vous aussi vous êtes né pour gagner ; c’est une certitude. Pensez-y chaque seconde de votre Vie.


Pour le meilleur,


Week 14 : Persistence Is Our True Nature

People who remember the time when they started learning to walk are very rare.

As I am like most people, I have no souvenir of that magical period of my life.

This is unfortunate, because it would have greatly helped me to reconnect with my true nature of human being.

A constant feeling of joy flows when we are faithful to our true nature.

I could have felt that incredible Persistence running in me, that allowed me to try to stand up, to fall, to forget the pain, to ignore the discouragement and to try again, and again, and again,… thousands of times, until, finally, one day, I could proudly walk that short distance between a chair and the arms of my mother or father, and fall into their arms as they embraced me with love.

When I learned talking, I guess that my persistence was still strong and sustained by the patient encouragements of the adults around me.

Then came the school, and I still remember receiving a sticker with a funny animal stamped on it each time I learned to write a new letter successfully.

Soon however, the animal stickers were replaced by red lines under my spelling mistakes in dictations.

That beautiful God given attribute named Persistence started to be superseeded then buried by the fear of making mistakes and the desire to achieve good notes, later turning into the fear of being criticized and the desire to please others – especially the « authority », parents and professors, and later on, bosses and state… (Napoleon Hill wrote a fascinating and exciting pamphlet on this in 1938, « Outwitting the Devil », only published in 2011).

Now, for all of us, without exception, Persistence is still there, intact and powerful, simply because Persistence is our true nature. We ARE it!

But for some of us, it is crushed under tons of concrete in the depth of our being.

That, in our daily life, makes us look like a block of granite, compared to which the Cement Buddha seems like a pom-pom girl in heat.

Hopefully, Mark has given us the solution to reconnect with our Persistence on a silver plate. He suggested us four movies telling true stories about Persistance.

Homer had a dream and nothing could prevent him from achieving it.

Personally, I enjoyed looking at « October Sky », the true story of Homer Ickam, a teenager who eventually realized his dream of constructing a rocket with his friends, at a time – end 50’s – where Werner Von Braun was the sole rocket scientist in the US.

If you looked at one of the movies, could you also see all the ingredients of Persistence (a definite major purpose, a constant positive mental attitude, a mastermind alliance, and a plan of action)? Yes?

Then, do you remember that our World Without is a PERFECT mirror of our World Within, ie. what we truly ARE?

If yes, please, ask yourself this : If I can SEE Persistence in the mirror of my World Without (the movie), then doesn’t it mean that I HAVE Persistence already in my World Within, ie. within Me?

If your answer – like mine – is a vibrating YES, then you KNOW that you are capable of achieving anything you can imagine…For example, exploding your block of granite into pieces, recovering the Persistent child that you were, like the heros in these movies.

And you could really do it, because each MKMMA exercice is a stick of dynamite that you can insert in the cracks of the granite, if you choose to do so!

And don’t worry, you won’t be destroyed by the explosion, because we are all a part of the Universal Substance, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent.

And we are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

Feel Good,